15+ brilliant ideas to use your tapestry wall

tapestry wall


Wall tapestry is different in comparison to other kinds of pattern weaving as the threads used for weaving aren’t stretched across the entire length of the fabric. Each pattern piece is created with a thread of the desired color. Tapestry fabric is woven with a certain thickness. Tapestries are traditionally huge weaved, a material which enhances the style. They are statement pieces for decorating walls.

They’re a wonderful accessory to any wall or any room. Wall art is an easy way to show the progression of emotions. The idea of decorating a home with hanging tapestries is becoming quite popular. It’s the cheapest and trendy method of creating modern and trendy wall décor.

This type of beautiful and meaningful artwork will soon become a favorite and will surely be a part of your décor. There are a variety of ideas and uses for tapestries such for wall hangings, bed spread, or curtain. We will explore them within this post.

1.Pads for chairs or covers for the chair

Who wouldn’t love to relax in a chic and attractive spread? For them, the covered tapestry of the cushion of a chair or cover could be utilized. It will provide a pleasant sitting experience for your guests, family members as well as everyone else making use of wall tapestries with distinctive textures and colors for cushions for chairs.

If you happen to take the boards from your tapestry’s design, you are able to modify them at any point. This is the ideal way to achieve that bohemian design for your furnishings.


2.Ceiling tapestry

A tapestry that is hung to your bedroom ceiling will conceal the unpleasant areas and add an additional attraction to your space. Choose any color that is a good match for your personality. The large size of tapestry can bring elegance to the ambience of your space.



The headboard is now gaining increased importance in decorating bedrooms. It is possible to alter the location on your walls. If you are looking to add the appearance of a headboard, then wrap it in tapestry. This will bring a distinct look for your room.


4.Decorate pillows


There is always an elegant cushion for your bedroom. They can completely alter the style and the interior. If you’re a craft fan, then I can assure you that tapestry is a fantastic fabric to experiment with.

5.Picnic Sheets


The tapestries printed are soft and comprised of cotton. They are extremely user-friendly. This stylish and light tapestry design a comfortable picnic blanket with a classic and contemporary pattern as well as vibrant colours.



You can also make use of this trendy tapestry design to create a large wall decor by placing it as wallpaper. This is the most affordable way to decorate your interiors.


7.Round Beach Blanket


If you’re planning to enjoy the thrilling outdoor lifestyle on your preferred beach, do not forget to bring tapestries in your bags so that you can relax on the shoreline and draped over your body for sun protection.


8.Beach Throw

The extremely simple to carry tapestry design could be the most practical beach blanket. The tapestry featuring mandalas and elephant designs, as well as psychedelic and contemporary, trippy designs is the most suitable to shoot a beach picture.


9.Round wall hangings

If you are bored you with your wall hanging , specifically mandala tapestry, it’s is easy to create it into a round shape. If you see an art of the circle in hanging decor, it is easy to cut and sew it together to create an elongated wall hanging.



Curtains with a striking mandala tapestry pattern provide a comfortable feeling and a sense of privacy in your space. You can transform your old curtains into curtains that are fashionable and sure to delight your guests.


11.Cushions and floor pillows

Mandala tapestry is definitely the ideal choice of style to decorate the cushions you are sitting on or the floor poufs. It is easy to make large floors cushions or beds for your pet too.


12.Sofa covers

Bring life back to your sofa of the past by decorating it with a chic tapestry for your walls. Sofas are expensive and will be replaced in a short time. This is why it’s the perfect opportunity to transform it.


13.Furniture cover

You can turn your classic furniture to exclusive by adding stunning tapestry designs.


14.Bed tent or outdoor

This extremely soft and light wall tapestry is recommended for those who want to enjoy the weekend or have a picnic.


15.Yoga mat

This soft and light wall tapestry is ideal for outdoor picnics and other occasions.

16.Dining Table Spread

You can make your dining space an elegant look by laying an ornamental tapestry across the table.


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