5 Home Remedies to Help You Manage Endometriosis Symptoms and Reclaim Your Reproductive Health

Your uterus is lined with endometrial cells. During menstruation, this lining sheds and leaves the body as your period. With endometriosis, the endometrial tissue grows outside your uterus in areas like the rectum, bladder, anus, fallopian tubes, or pelvis and bleeds and sheds every month.

Because the blood has no clear exit, endometriosis can cause complications like pain, internal bleeding, and infertility. There is currently no cure for this condition but a Forest Hills, NY, a private medical practice can help you manage symptoms and complications. Meanwhile, you can try the following home remedies to relieve mild symptoms.

Do Yoga or Light Exercise

Some reported side effects of endometriosis include brain fog, fatigue, constipation, and even weight gain. This is primarily caused by hormonal imbalance and overuse of pain and other medications. In some cases, patients also experience reduced mobility and lower back strength.

Regular yoga and light exercise stimulate endorphin production in the brain. This “feel good” hormone acts as a natural pain reliever and can alleviate endometriosis pain. Moreover, physical activity can help fight inflammation, improve your mobility, and reduce brain fog and fatigue.

Adopt an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Some studies show that eating anti-inflammatory foods can ease endometriosis pain. These include seeds, nuts, fatty fish, fruits, and fresh vegetables. While an anti-inflammatory diet will not provide instant pain relief, it can improve your symptoms in the long term.

Try to avoid foods like refined carbs, red meat, dairy products, and sugar. Your doctor can work closely with you to help you adopt an anti-inflammatory diet.

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Use Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a fast-acting method of managing your endometriosis symptoms. This treatment improves blood circulation and relaxes tense pelvic muscles, relieving pain and cramping. In fact, many doctors recommend heat therapy for mild endometriosis symptoms.

Depending on your resources, you can apply heat therapy through heating pads, hot water bottles, or warm baths. Heat can also relieve menstrual cramps and persistent abdominal pain.

Take OTC Medications

Some over-the-counter medications can relieve mild endometriosis pain. These include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like naproxen and ibuprofen. In addition to pain relief, they can also ease inflammation and reduce abdominal cramping.

It is crucial to discuss NSAIDs with your doctor before using them. This is especially true if you have a history of stomach ulcers or are taking other medications. Sometimes, the wrong drug interactions can increase your risk of other health conditions or worsen your endometriosis symptoms.

Try Natural Supplements

Over the years, herbal supplements have proven effective in managing various health problems. Turmeric, for instance, is popular for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can help relieve your endometriosis symptoms.

Ginger tea is also very effective in easing persistent abdominal pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, and other endometriosis symptoms. That said, you should discuss natural supplements with your doctor before incorporating them into your diet. They can help you avoid hidden side effects.

Know When to See a Doctor for Endometriosis Symptoms.

These home remedies can help you manage mild endometriosis symptoms and restore order to your life. However, severe complications like pain during sex, chronic pelvic pain, and heavy periods can disrupt your life and work. A doctor can best address these problems.

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Your doctor may request a pelvic exam and an ultrasound to determine the extent of your condition. They may then recommend treatment solutions to address complications like infertility and ongoing pain. If home remedies are not helping, call one today to discuss more proactive measures.

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