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70s Fashion: The Moments That Defined Seventies Style

Anyone who is into fashion must already know the 70’s fashion and how amazing the Seventies Style designers of that time were and how they stUndoubtedly, the 70’s has been the best decade for fashion – and here’s the proof.

ill inspire the designers of today’s world. To state simply – the 70’s was the prime time of the fashion industry.

Fashion keeps going in circles, an old fashion trend would definitely come back after a decade or so but the 70’s fashion is always trending and looks gorgeous worn in every decade. If you want to take a look, you can look at some of the top models from the 70’s that includes Lauren Hutton, Beverly Johnson, Janice Dickinson, Iman, Jerry Hall, and others.

Here are few of the 70’s fashion trends that are likely to come back or are already back!

Early 70’s

The early 70’s fashion trends included the Hippie Look. This included women wearing tie & dye shirts, Mexican peasant blouses, folk Hungarian blouses, ponchos, capes, and military surplus clothing. 

The bottom of these attires included bell bottom pants, gauchos, frayed jeans, ankle length dresses, and even mini-skirts. These attires were usually trending in Indian patterns, bright colors, and floral patterns – as we can already see is trending like crazy today!

Let’s move a little forward, the end of the early 70’s had changed a little fashion but let’s face it, you’ll see women in today’s era wearing it almost every day!

This time included women Seventies Style wearing fitted blazers, long and short dresses, skin tight t-shirts, midi skirts, maxi gowns, and hot pants. These were trending at the time and were usually worn in pastel colors. If you’re looking for colors that were trending back in the 70’s, some of those colors were pink, yellow, camel, wheat, baby blue, and gray!  

Mid 70’s

If we talk about the mid 70’s, there is a lot of ongoing fashion that was trending back then. Sweaters were the most popularized attires in that time. Sweater coats, sweater dresses, floor-length sweaters, and even sweater suits were popular back then. And let me tell you, sweaters are coming back in fashion soon.

By the mid 70’s casual looks were trending all over the world. Tees were very popular… casual tees with different slogans and pictures drawn on it. It was just as casual as what you would wear Seventies Style today at home. If you’re going for a mid-70’s look, try putting on some sweaters, cardigans, kimono, graphic T-shirts and sweats. This kind of fashion, now known as vintage, was quite the trend back in the 70’s. 

Apart from the casual style, starting in 1975 – semi-formal wear became trending. This included a ton of layering, like two tops, pants underneath dresses, blazers and jackets, jumpsuits, and more layering! Coats and jackets were on the top of the fashion trend. This includes suede leather jackets, peacoats, blazers, and cowl-neck sweaters. If you’re looking for such jackets, Top Gun Jacket is the place you’re looking for.

At this time of the 70’s, America’s fashion became famous for scandalous dresses – this includes backless dresses, extremely low-cut dresses, palazzo pants, tube dresses, gowns and tight pants suits. 

As far as accessories are concerned in the 70’s, there were many that were trending and on top of the list came hats. In formal styles, heels became trending along with leather shoulder bags.

When it comes to footwear, the 70’s fashion has been trending since forever. Leather boots were the most popular ones back then. These boots became chunkier, heavier and thicker as time passed. These included wedge boots, ankle boots, platform boots, and of course, cowboy boots.

Late 70’s

As time passed, the fashion trend in the 70’s changed and took a more relaxed turn. This trend included baggy t-shirts, sweats, lower-cut shirts, loose cardigans, tunic robes, crop tops, tennis shorts, velour shirts, and a lot more. The color had completely changed at this time and the trending ones were earthly tones like brown, light blue, tans, grays, whites, and blacks.

The hippie clothing was back in trend and people were seen wearing loose baggy t-shirts, sweatpants, and baggy jeans all around.


The 70’s were a time when Seventies Style fashion was on its peak. It showed us casual wear like jeans, tops, baggy shirts, crop tops, and mini-skirts as well as jackets like suede jackets, cowl-neck, bomber jackets. It gifted us with a fashion of backless dresses, low-cut dresses, and even formal wear like pantsuits. 

The most loved part about the 70’s was undoubtedly the footwear. Several types of boots, thick and pencil heels, high-vamped pumps, and a lot more.

If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe and pump up your fashion, you should definitely consult the 70’s fashion trends. Seventies Style Fashion comes back after a while and we’re sure that the 70’s trends are coming back soon and will stay here for a while. 

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