A Few Things to Know About Neck Lift

The signs of aging on your neck include skin sagging, fat bulging, and neck muscle thickening. You can also have wrinkles and a double chin. In that case, you might need Scarsdale neck lift to improve these age-related neck transformations. Gravitational force, stress, sun exposure, smoking, and rapid weight loss or gain can also necessitate a neck lift surgery.

For example, your throat is exposed to harmful chemicals when you chew tobacco or smoke. Dangerous chemicals from smoking, such as tar, often degrade the skin structure of your neck as smoke passes through your throat. Below are a few things to know about the neck lift surgery.

What is neck lift surgery?

A neck lift involves the surgical extraction of excess or unwanted skin from your neck. The muscles of your neck can also be made tighter and firmer. The lifting and tightening of the skin and muscles of your neck, especially the platysma, will deliver a youthful-looking face and neck.

The surgical procedure can last for about two hours or more. Often the treatment can last longer if there are other facial cosmetic procedures that your surgeon also performs. Remember, a neck lift only addresses wrinkles and sagging of the neck. If you want to improve the appearance of your neck and face, you can also benefit from other cosmetic treatments like a facelift.

Preparation for neck lift surgery

You must be healthy if you require improvement in your jawline and neck. Usually, a surgical procedure can lead to different complications if you have health problems or practice unhealthy life choices.

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For example, informing your health provider if you are using supplements or medications is important. Some medications and supplements can affect the outcome of neck lift.

Furthermore, if you often smoke, you may be required to stop for about one month before the ne ck lift. The effects of smoking can lead to slow healing. Medical conditions like high blood sugar levels can also affect the results of a ne ck lift.

Care after a neck lift surgery

You will experience a few mild issues after a ne ck lift surgery. These issues include swelling and bruising. They often last about two weeks. The areas around the wounds of your neck can also feel numb.

Changing your dressings as recommended can help keep the side effects of ne ck lift surgery to moderate levels. Moreover, keep your head elevated during the first few weeks of healing to discourage neck and face swelling. Do not expose the wounds of your neck to excessive sun rays, and avoid touching them to prevent infections.

How long does it takes for desired results to appear?

The desired result of a ne ck lift will take almost several weeks before appearing. After the wait, you can expect a contoured neck, giving you a youthful look that boosts your self-confidence. Practice healthy habits that can protect your skin and prolong the desired results of a ne ck lift.

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