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About Alibaug

Alibaug is a rather well-known yet offbeat destination that is only 9 kilometers from Mumbai and can be easily reached via NH 66. The presence of multiple beaches of this town on the west coast which offers amazing views of the sunset over the sea is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of this small town. Its magnificent sea forts and local seafood cuisine contribute to its popularity.

The Alibaug Campsite shares its borders with the majestic Arabian Sea and this is the reason why Alibaug is usually referred to as the Goa of Maharashtra by locals. It also shares its boundaries with the Israeli-Jewish area which is home to many Jewish families. So, if you’re a cultural buff, you may head that way and try to scoop up some of the rich history and heritage of Jewish culture.


The drive to Alibaug is a must-do as it offers picturesque views. Because, there are numerous forts, beaches, and even some celebrity bungalows. So, in Alibaug, there is no shortage of things to do and discover tourist locations.

You get magnificent views of the sea, with many shacks built as parking spots for the boats of local fishermen, a mesmerizing sunset, including many other such amazing views. Apart from that you can enjoy the cool and refreshing breeze coming in from the sea as you sit on the sand enjoying the feeling of being here. 


Alibaug Camping is a must-see site for a variety of reasons

The very first reason is that, the moment you enter Alibaug you can smell adventure in the air. 


A perfect backdrop for a fun and relaxing evening

It is surrounded on all sides by the calm waters of the Arabian Sea and is lined with sun-kissed beaches. So, no such place can be better than Alibaug to offer you the perfect backdrop for a fun and relaxing evening.


Camping and the eye-catching views of the sunset and sunrise

Another thing that makes this spot interesting for camping is its serene atmosphere and spectacular views of the sunset and sunrise. And you must not miss out on the sunrise as it is really awesome to watch the sun rising while taking sips of the hot morning tea.


The utter pleasure of sitting near the beach

It’s nothing but the utter pleasure to sit near the beach or go beach walking, linger in the tent, the comfort of a campfire, mouth-watering barbecue, movie screening, live music, and enjoy the beauty of nature under the stars. 


Numerous opportunities for recreation

It offers you numerous opportunities for recreation. You can try your hands on a number of water sports activities which happen on the other end of this beach. There are various kinds of indoor games such as carom, badminton, and volleyball. You can also enjoy outdoor sports, such as cricket, football, basketball, etc. 


Various other splendid nearby places to visit

Apart from all these, there are numerous splendid nearby places which you can visit.

Such as:-

1. Kolaba Fort

It is situated 1-2 km away from the shores of Alibaug. There are two major entrances, one to the seaside and another one to Alibaug. You’ll have to wade through the water at low tide when you visit this fort during the monsoons. Siddhivinayak temple within the fort is another attraction in this area.


2. Nagaon Beach

The beach is about 7 km away from Alibag and is known as Satad beach as well. 

When you walk on this beach in the evening, you can admire the beautiful sunset with its orange hue. If you are looking for activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving for some adventure water sports, then this beach is the perfect choice for you.


3. Kanakeshwar Forest

It is a dense forest with a plethora of rare flora and fauna and the atmosphere is always cool and the place gets sufficient breezes. Another draw is the ancient temple of Shiva on a small hill near the village of Mapgaon at an altitude of 1200 feet.


4. Brahma Kund

It was one of the most visited religious sites, situated 20 km away from Alibaug. There are two kinds, which are surrounded by steps on both sides, i.e. Shiva Pool and Brahmas Kund. As per the belief, when Lord Brahma bathed Lord Krishna, the water in the kunds was obtained by building walls.


Therefore, you take an awesome experience from Alibaug Beach Camping with great memories to cherish for life


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