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Attending a Sikh Matrimony Shaadi? Remember a Few Important Things

Our country has so many types of culture and traditions that you could easily find a different one every few kilometers. And this is the reason why there are several types of weddings in India and all of them have their charm and beauty. But if you tell anyone that you’re going to attend a wedding of Sikh matrimony, you will be able to see a different kind of spark and excitement in their eyes. For most people, a Sikh marriage is nothing but an event where people have complete fun without any worries. 

And this notion is mainly due to the way the Hindi film industry has shown the Punjabi or Sikh matrimony wedding. Well, we are here to break all of that so that you can be properly introduced to a Punjabi wedding and you can attend it in the right way. Because you can’t attend a wedding of Sikh matrimony straight away without any proper introduction. You should be familiar with a few important things before you pack your bags. If you are going to attend one soon, this could be a good read for you. 

DOs You Should Keep in Mind While Going to a Sikh Matrimony Wedding

Here are some crucial things related to a Punjabi wedding you should know to save yourself from feeling awkward when you turn up at a Sikh temple or Gurudwara. 

Wearing Right Outfit is a Must

The main part of weddings in Sikh matrimony happens in the Sikh temple or Gurudwara. You must’ve known this before. And among Sikh people, this part is considered quite auspicious. Hence, you must choose your dress accordingly. Sikh people believe that people attending the wedding should wear colors that indicate celebration like blue, red, yellow, orange, etc. Choosing white or black is prohibited as they believe these two colors indicate mourning and sadness. So, while picking your wardrobe for the Sikh wedding, keep this thing in mind. You can wear anything at the reception after the formal wedding. 

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Cover Your Head With a Scarf or Handkerchief

If you ever have been to a Sikh temple or Gurudwara, you would’ve known that everybody should cover their head with a scarf or handkerchief. And this is one of the most important things you should keep in your mind when getting ready for a Sikh matrimony wedding. You can get head coverings at the Sikh temple also but it would be more appropriate to carry your own so that the people over there don’t feel that you don’t respect their culture and values. While wearing it on your head, make sure it is tight. 

Don’t Try to Outshine the Groom and Bride

We think this is one thing that goes without saying. You should understand that a wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. So, on such a day, you should not try to be the center of attention by wearing something too flashy and something more powerful than either of the couple. Also, while choosing your gifts, make sure that you are picking something which doesn’t make their close relatives feel undignified. 

Be Patient with the Sikh Matrimony Functions

The most important thing of all, you should remember to have patience during all the ceremonies and functions in the Sikh matrimony wedding. They might go on for hours, but you should observe all the rituals closely so that you can learn about something new. You can take this Punjabi wedding as a learning gateway to a new culture. Because everything is not about the booze and dance. And don’t worry, you will get your fair share of time to enjoy. So, just have some patience and be ready to have fun!

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Don’t consider this a full list as there are many other points that you can consider before attending a Sikh matrimony wedding. You can also ask your Sikh friends or someone who had attended a wedding before. We hope these points will help you have fun while making sure that you do it in the right way.

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