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There are eight species of bears across the globe that have a conservation status that ranges from the least vulnerable to the most vulnerable. According to the type that inhabit <a href=””>bear</a> habitat, it’s North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the northernmost areas of the polar region. Although they’re generally not considered to be a threat to humans, they could be dangerous creatures risky if they are provoked, scared or if they are approached by younger bears (cubs) are observed.

Types of Bear 

The 8 Different Bear Species

The eight species of bear are distinct bear species which differ in size, appearance and types of food they eat. They are abundant throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The different kinds of bears include:

Asiatic Black Bear

(Asian Black Bear) The Asiatic black bear sometimes known as the moon bear is primarily an herbivore species of bear that is found mostly within <a href=””>Southern Asia</a>, Afghanistan as well as areas of Japan. They usually live within the mountainous regions.

Brown Bear

Brown Bear is sometimes referred to as the grizzly bear is located throughout North America, Asia and Europe. They are most easily recognized by the humps that hang over their shoulders and their enormous brown body. The bears are one of the bears most likely to die of all bears currently.


North American Black Bear 


The North American black bear can be seen all the way all the way from Northern Canada to Central Mexico. It does not have a preference for climate. They even feed on prickly pear Cactus. The bear is a favourite of mountains. However, you can also find them in meadows and wetlands as well.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear Polar bears can only be found in the Arctic region , which is close to the North Pole. They travel on floating glacial blocks of ice. As the blocks of ice melt the risk of extinction of polar bears increases and they become more vulnerable to disappearance.

The Spectacled Bear

A bear with spectacles, often known as”the Andean bear, is an avid fan of time in the forest. The only bear species that lives in South America. They are likely to disappear due to the killing of human beings in order to make money, as well as due to mythology.

Panda Bear

Panda Bear Panda bear is perhaps the most well-known bear in the world because of their adorable appearance. They are mostly a lover of bamboo, which is abundant on the outskirts of Central China. Panda bears are believed to be endangered because of their demand on the black market.

Sloth Bear

The sloth bear gets its name because of the similarities to the sloth. The long snout of the animal allows them to eat prey that is not normally associated with bears like termites and insects. The sloth bear can be seen in India along with Sri Lanka.

Sun Bear

Sun Bear Sun bears are distinguished by their crescent-shaped, cream-colored marks upon their chests. Because they consume a lot of bees nests, they are often called honey bears. They are found throughout Malaysia as well as Indonesia and are at risk of disappearing due to forest destruction.

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