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Like every other social media, there are peculiarities you need to understand Instagram before you can be able to succeed outstandingly in your marketing approach on your target social media. For  marketing, you don’t just want to gain likes and comments to your post, but you want to convert your target audience to leads.

To achieve this, you should create a concrete buyer persona for your Instagram target group using the demographic key figures, the reach and information about the content interactions, says businesspally editor.

You can specify factors such as age, place of residence and gender, but also aspects such as purchase motivation or goals. The defined buyer persona should also match your business and marketing goals.  


Why is Instagram a useful advertising Platform? 

The topics covered on are diverse. Whether leisure, food, beauty or fashion – in every area there are both influencers and interested parties who want to inform or be informed about the latest from the latest. 

According to Techpally magazine, there’s approximately 500 million users that use their Instagram account every day and spend an average of 53 minutes a day on the instagram mobile app. 

So it’s no wonder that Instagram is no longer just a photo platform, but is steadily gaining in importance for advertisers.


Why do i need an Instagram audience?

In order to prepare your content in a targeted manner, you must first define an Instagram target group for your product or service.

In this way, you can tailor your marketing campaign specifically to your Instagram target group, use the budget efficiently and avoid wastage.   

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How can I reach my target group on instagram?

There are different ways to reach your target group on Instagram. We have summarized these for you.

Organic posts: 

Organic posts are non-sponsored posts that you create yourself. 

Whether pictures, stories or videos in the form of IGTV’s or reel – there are no limits to your creativity.

Tip: Check whether the hashtags match your account. With the help of the Instagram algorithm, the users who are interested in your content can be played out better.

Paid content:

With story ads, videos, images or a combination can be placed over a selected period. 

A big advantage of this variant is the chance to achieve a high reach because your content is played out directly between the stories.


Instagram campaigns:

Instagram campaigns contain various targeted activities to achieve a goal defined by you.

 You can, for example, also select suitable influencers who match your product or service. 

With the key figures that are revealed to you in your insights, you can align the content with your campaign strategy.


The exchange with the community:

Through a regular exchange with your community, you have the chance to learn more about the wishes or questions of your followers. 

Replies to messages, creates polls or polls, says chaktty. This helps you to specify the created buyer personas and to be able to tailor content contributions even better to your target group.



Finding the right instagram target group now

With the tips above, you will be able to find the right Instagram target group for your company. 

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The insights give you valuable suggestions and information that you should incorporate into your processes.

The more knowledge you have about the target group, the more efficiently you can adapt your content to it, director reaffirmed.

Would you like to get started as a company with the right target group on Instagram and develop the optimal Instagram marketing strategy? 

Then feel free to contact chaktty digital advertising network. We are a certified social media agency and are at your side as social media experts

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