Cyber Monday VPN sales and offers for 2022

Cyber Monday VPN

It’s Cyber Monday, so if you want to keep some of your private or sensitive documents safe from prying eyes and have them kept on your computer or laptop, you might want to consider purchasing a virtual private network (VPN) subscription.

Cyber Monday VPN Although there are many reasonably priced VPN plans available all year long, Cyber Monday is one of the greatest occasions to purchase a VPN subscription for even less. Companies like Surfshark, Express VPN, and Nord VPN all have their best Cyber Monday prices.

A VPN can make it simpler to stream internet material while also assisting in data and privacy protection.

By switching to one of the thousands of VPN servers throughout the world, you may additionally safeguard your online connection while obscuring your IP address.

Make sure to save this page to your favorites so you can take advantage of a fantastic VPN Cyber Monday deal right away if you don’t already have one or if you need to renew or upgrade your current VPN subscription soon.

Here is a list of the top Cyber Monday VPN sales.


Surfshark, CyberGhost, and Nord VPN all offer two-year subscriptions for just £1.74 per month with two extra months included. Private Internet Access offers a three-year subscription for just £1.67 per month with three additional months included.

PureVPN’s two-year subscription costs £1.95 per month plus three months free for a US ExpressVPN 12-month subscription.

2 Year Subscription to Surfshark for $1.74 Per Month + 2 Free Months

Hotspot Shield 3 Year Subscription $2.99 per month Nord VPN 2 Year Subscription $2.99 per month + 3 months free IPVanish Yearly Subscription $3.19 per month + 3 months free

If you’re considering switching internet service providers as well, you may check out the Cyber Monday broadband specials this weekend. You can always follow Jelly Deals on Twitter to view the most recent deals in the vast world of technology and games.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, essentially acts as a security screen for your devices by routing all of your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. One subscription usually covers multiple devices which means you can use it on your mobile or tablet, too.

What is the best and most affordable VPN?

Express VPN consistently receives the top ratings out of the VPNs listed here, with encryption powerhouse Nord VPN coming in a close second. Surfshark offers the most affordable VPN plans in the US and the UK while having a somewhat slower service than the competition. After the given period, monthly charges will resume as usual, so keep that in mind!

Are there any Cyber Monday VPN deals?

We anticipate that most VPN providers will offer Cyber Monday specials, either by taking money off the total cost or by providing a few extra months for free. This page is worth bookmarking because we’ll be updating it frequently.

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