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Data Scientist Skills You Need To Know

Data Scientist

Data Science is a significant technological advance that will shape and reshape the world’s work culture and economy. Hence, Data Scientists will set the tone for the global market and trigger a data-driven revolution affecting every sector and every person.

The discipline offers a rewarding career path to students and professionals alike as the demand for data scientists increases. Some are not data scientists but are fascinated by data, which has led them to wonder what data science skills and considerable data skills they need to pursue careers in data science.  

Data scientists have become increasingly required across all industry verticals due to leveraging Big Data as an insight-generating engine. Organizations rely on data scientists to refine product development processes, improve customer loyalty, and identify new business opportunities in order to sustain, grow, and stay ahead of the competition. This article will cover the technical and non-technical skills of data scientists.


Becoming a data scientist requires specific skills


  • Technical
  • Non-technical skills


In this article, you’ll find information that may help you navigate your career toward a lucrative career as an aspiring data scientist.

Consider yourself a director of data analytics for an organization. You will be able to train your existing team of data scientists with the latest data science skills, enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency.


  1. Data Scientists need specific technical skills.


Skill #1- Programming


Python is the most common coding language required for data science roles, with C/C++, SQL, Python, Perl, and Java are essential. Data scientists can use these programs to organize unstructured data with tools included in these languages.


Skill #2- An understanding of SAS and other analytical tools


To extract valuable information from an organized data set, a data scientist must understand analytical tools. Data scientists use SAS, Spark, Pig, Hadoop, Hive, and R as their main tools. If you become certified in these analytical tools, you will gain valuable skills in data science!


Skill #3- Ability to work with unstructured data


The data scientist should have experience analyzing unstructured data from various sources and channels. A data scientist might be working on a project to assist the marketing department with research.

A data scientist should be confident in using social media in that scenario. Furthermore, the skills of machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and probability and statistics are also necessary.


  • Becoming a data scientist requires skills that are not technical.


Skill #1- Having a solid understanding of business


It is essential to have a strong business understanding to utilize technical skills. Consequently, aspiring data scientists may not be able to recognize problems and potential challenges that an organization needs to address in order to succeed. Your contribution will help the organization you work for to discover new business opportunities.


Skill #2 – Excellent communication skills


Communication follows as the next most essential data scientist skill. Data scientists are well-versed in extracting, understanding, and analyzing data. To be successful in your role, you will need to effectively communicate your findings with members of your team who may not share your professional background.


Skill #3 – Good Data Intuition


It may be the most important non-technical skill for data scientists. Data insights are not always instantly apparent when working with large data sets, and a skilled data scientist knows when to look beyond the surface for insights.

Data scientists can become more efficient with this skill after gaining experience and training. Bootcamps are a great way to polish this data scientist skill, but they do not replace experience. 


In data science, you’re likely to find a rewarding job – but you must invest time in developing your skillset to progress. Take action! That is only possible when you take training from top-notch data science course in Pune, such as 3RI Technologies, which helps you build a robust and long-lasting career in data science by establishing a solid educational foundation.

The skills mentioned above are the most trending skills in data science. It is important to keep in mind that skill levels or abilities may vary between companies. Many data science roles focus more on programming and database management, while others focus more on math.

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