Deal With AMEX For The Resorts World Las Vegas Hotel (25 Percent OFF)

You may get a terrific price on a Resorts World Las Vegas hotel with Amex Platinum Las Vegas Perks right now if you have the right credit card! To recap, Resorts World Las Vegas just joined the Amex Fine Hotel and Resorts Program, which I spoke about in my previous blog article.

The Conrad Las Vegas and the Crockfords Las Vegas seem to be providing a 25% discount to Amex Platinum Las Vega’s Perks cardholders between January 2, 2022, and March 30, 2022. If you’re a member of the Amex Platinum Las Vegas Perks Program, this is an incredible hotel discount. Go ahead and dive right in.

Amex Platinum Las Vegas $200 Hotel Credits.

The $200 hotel credit was one of a series of perks added to Amex Platinum La’s Vegas Perks credit cards last year. The hotel credit may only be used on pre-paid stays from Amex Platinum Las Vegas Perks by consumer Platinum cards (not Business or Delta Platinum cardholders).

You may get a great rate on a one-night stay in Las Vegas with the Fine Hotels and Resorts program. Because the hotel prices in Las Vegas are always the lowest, you can make the most of your $200 in hotel credit there.

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Programs Of The Amex Las Vegas Hotel Corporation

American Express cards get access to the Las Vegas Perks Promo Code Hotel Collection and Fine Hotels & Resorts, two premium hotel programs. You’ll indeed need one of their cards to use these services. Both programs include a variety of perks, such as free accommodation upgrades and resort credit.

It’s important to note that Hotel Collection often covers more hotels but needs a minimum two-night stay to qualify. One-night stays are require for Fine Hotels and Resorts by American Express, however, the price each night is frequently more. However, only Fine Hotels & Resorts include Conrad and Crockfords.

Centurion Room Upgrades Are Included In The Hotel Collection Cards.

  • Experiential Learning Credit
  • Cards from Fine Hotels & Resorts: Platinum, Centurion, and Business Platinum Room Upgrades (subject to availability)
  • For two people, every day, guaranteed at 4:00 p.m. Checkout\sNoon Arrival and Registration (subject to availability)
  • Free Wi-Fi and a $100 Dining Credit
  • Resorts World Las Vegas hotel deal with American Express

Both the Conrad Las Vegas and the Crockfords Las Vegas may be found inside the Resorts World casino complex. To book these hotels, you will require either a Platinum, Platinum Business. Or Centurion Card, which belongs to Fine Hotels and Resorts (not the Hotel Collection).

However, Platinum cardholders will get the greatest value since they have an additional $200 hotel credit to use. Hotels at Conrad Las Vegas and Crockfords Las Vegas are giving a 25% discount to Amex Platinum Las Vega’s Perks members until March 30, 2022, as part of the Fine Hotels and Resorts program. As a result, both hotels are now more reasonable price and, more significantly, fall below the $200 barrier, thereby covering the cost of your hotel room!

Conrad And Crockfords Prices

A lot is going on here now. Looking at all dates up to March 30, 2022, I’ve found some great deals, particularly on weekdays. Why would I travel to Vegas on a weekday? Well, many people are still at home, so why not work from home in Vegas? Crockfords has been as cheap as $171/night (Feb 22-24) and Conrad has been as low as $74/night (Feb 22-24) (Feb 28-Mar 1).

Because both hotels are less than the $200 hotel credit, this is a very fantastic value. You must have a free stay! That is if you don’t include the $51.02 resort fee you’ll have to pay when you check in.

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A View From The Other Side

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend you have the Platinum card for consumers and a $200 hotel credit to use. Two nights at Conrad or one at Crockfords maybe pay for entirely by the hotel (minus the resort fee). Amex Platinum Las Vega’s Perks Fine Hotels and Resorts, on the other hand, gives you all the perks of booking with them.

As if you hadn’t noticed, Amex Platinum Las Vega’s Perks is crediting you $125 in Food. And Beverage for your purchases. This is $25 more than the standard $100 hotel credit they provide. As a bonus, you’ll get a $25 hotel amenity credit for using your American Express card. The resort charge is covered entirely by the F&B credit. This doesn’t even include the complimentary breakfast you receive.


If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas before March 30, 2022, And have an Amex Platinum Las Vega’s Perks, Business Platinum. Or Centurion card, you may want to consider staying at the Conrad or Crockfords at Resorts World. Fine Hotels & Resorts properties provide with all the perks of staying at a luxury hotel, but with a 25 percent savings.

It’s even better for Platinum cardholders since you get an annual $200 credit to use against your stay. It is also worth noting that I have reserved a stay at Crockfords and will write a review of the hotel shortly!

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