Difference between White Label and VPN Reseller program

Nowadays, many reseller programs are accessible, especially for internet businesses like text marketing and web hosting. These are the kinds of companies that can be simply modified so that resellers may access them. Many resellers will achieve this by using their own private or white label. This is an excellent approach to launching your own internet business or expanding an already successful online business.

Many people unfamiliar with this online business may not know the distinction between white-label and private-label reseller schemes. As was already noted, there isn’t much of a distinction between the meanings of white label and private label when it comes to reseller programs. The same kind of reseller marketing is referred to by both titles.

A good or service is when the seller of the good or service buys the supporting product from a different source and then sells it under their own name, brand, or identity. The buyer should believe that the supplier is selling its own product when white labeling.

White label Marketing

Similar to white-label products, private-label goods are made and supplied by one firm but are marketed and sold as belonging to another. Private labeling is standard in many goods and services, including web hosting, food, cosmetics, and online reseller schemes. Most of the time, goods sold under private labels are presented as less expensive alternatives to goods sold under the “name brand” of the good or service. Various forms of personal label marketing are provided by companies of different sizes.

As you can see, reseller programs allow for the interchangeability of white and private labels. Most reseller programs that use white labeling frequently discover that it is a far more profitable business than what is offered through the original company. Consumers often choose generic store brands or reselling businesses that can provide the most reasonable price since they constantly seek methods to save money when shopping.

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Reselling may be a terrific strategy to generate money online because this is expected behavior for most people. Most people are also aware of and comprehend that services given under a name brand are not always superior to those under a generic or private business label.

Given that they are aware of this, people who decide to become resellers may easily undercut the pricing of other providers while still generating money by lowering the cost of service of equal quality, making it more desirable to potential clients.

VPN Reseller Program

A reseller creates an Ivacy VPN reseller program account before starting to sell VPN. The reseller acts as the first point of contact for his or her clients, with Ivacy VPN reseller program assistance available as needed.

A reseller program is the best option for you if you are an entrepreneur, technology firm, or hosting provider. By providing Ivacy VPN to your clients, you can broaden the scope of your services.

Difference between White Label and VPN Reseller:

White and private labels don’t have the same meanings as others, even though this may give the impression that they do. These two marketing strategies distinguish that private labeling is standard retail practice. The product is often produced by the same company that makes it for the name brand and is also sold in shops. White labeling is typically used to describe a service mostly sold online.

The product’s name and logo appear on the white label, along with the retailer’s price and where it may be purchased. With private labels, however, the name and logo are printed on the label. The locations where the items may be purchased are also stated, along with the price and what is included in the box or package.

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On the other side, an affiliate is a business or person that advertises a good or service from another firm to their audience in return for a cut of any sales that result. You are only an evangelist for someone person’s product or service. Customers you send to another business establish their own accounts using the affiliate’s code or link to identify you as their source.

Since neither the consumer nor the transaction are your responsibility, you cannot choose your markup for profit. Customers don’t engage with your brand in any way. An affiliate program will be most advantageous if you run a blog or manage a business news website. This is because you have a market that could be interested in the goods but would prefer not to deal with you directly.


All you need to invest to launch a reseller business is a website and marketing. No infrastructure expenses are incurred, and you only pay for what you have sold. You may almost infinitely increase your revenue with a reseller business. Because you are not exchanging your time for money in the VPN reseller program scenario, your earnings might increase.

All you have to do is concentrate on gaining new clients. You are reselling their services under your name by working with an excellent reseller company. You will be able to provide the same level of service if you join a business whose service you value.

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