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Colorado Shooting This was a great boy but suddenly his life changed and it became a criminal. He said the man did not appear to be a resident of the area. But he could not confirm if the victim was homeless. Police said the man was found lying in a vacant lot. And he had a backpack with him that contained some clothing and food.

Why extremism experts say it’s worth discussing the Colorado shooting

A lot of people have been saying they are surprised we haven’t been discussing the issue of gun control since the tragic shooting in Aurora last Friday. We thought it was important to examine this issue and the recent Colorado shooting from the perspective of people who study extremism and radicalization. It’s not surprising that the media is focused on the shooter’s mental health. As it has become a mantra for many people who are opposed to new gun laws. But as we have seen in the past. There are plenty of people with mental health problems who don’t act violently. And there are other factors that might lead to a violent person. In fact. One study found that most mass shooters had no history of violence or mental illness. There is a long tradition in criminology of studying violent people who aren’t mentally ill.

1 killed in shooting south of downtown Colorado Springs Sunday

1 killed in shooting south of downtown Colorado Springs Sunday. Authorities are investigating the early morning shooting. Which occurred on the 900 block of South Tejon Street. Just a few blocks from Colorado Springs Police headquarters. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by the El Paso County Coroner’s Office. Police say they are investigating whether the shooting was related to gang activity. Sgt. John Meeker said officers were called to the location at about 3 a.m. and found the man had been shot in the head. He said the man did not appear to be a resident of the area. But he could not confirm if the victim was homeless. And he had a backpack with him that contained some clothing and food.

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New Details Emerge About Colorado Shooting Suspect

New details have emerged about the suspect in the Aurora. Colorado. Movie theater shooting. A few days after the attack. Authorities said James Holmes sent emails to the University of Colorado psychiatrist who treated him. The emails indicate Holmes planned the attack. Aurora police released hundreds of pages of documents Thursday related to the investigation into the July 20 shooting that left 12 people dead and 70 injured. The documents include a timeline of events leading up to the massacre. Information about the shooter’s social media posts and analysis of his computer. Holmes. 24. James Holmes:

Judge: Supermarket shooting suspect unfit to stand trial

The decision came Thursday after three psychiatrists who examined Holmes concluded that he is insane. Judge William Sylvester ruled that Holmes. 24. Does not understand the charges against him or the potential penalties if convicted. “The court concludes that at this time. It is unlikely Mr. Holmes will ever be able to understand the nature of the charges and proceedings against him.” Sylvester wrote in a 19-page ruling. Sylvester’s decision came after three psychiatrists who examined Holmes over two days said he was mentally ill. One of the psychiatrists. Richard G.

Relative of alleged warned judge of danger they posed

Magistrate Judge John Kane issued the order Monday after he concluded the defendants were a flight risk and a danger to the community. Kane says there is evidence the defendants are a danger to others. Including their own family members. He said a flight risk assessment showed that three defendants have ties to Mexico. Two are undocumented immigrants and one has a criminal record. The judge also cited the possibility that some defendants could seek a change of venue. Saying he was concerned about pretrial publicity. The defendants. Who include a white supremacist and his teenage son. Have pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges.Q: How to make an app for Android 4.

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