Four Efficient Ways To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can be unpleasant when you sit to eat breakfast. Flying insects all over your food or fruits is the last thing to want to see at the start of your day. Plus, the sudden appearance of the pest out of nowhere can be surprising. This is because of their rapid reproduction and fast growth rate. In a  single breeding season, fertilizers can reproduce up to 500 young ones, which is a massive amount. Such pest behavior makes it difficult to control them even with the most efficient methods. 

So to deal with fruit flies, contact Stride Pest Control as soon as possible. Delaying the treatment will only increase nuisance as fruitflies do not disappear on their own. Fruit flies are attracted to serval human settings like trash bins, stagnant water, mopping water, rotten fruits, etc., and lay their eggs in all these places. 

With their diversified approach, they are almost inevitably to avoid, and they even lay their eggs in fruits and vegetables that blossom in springs and as a result, enter your home through these eatables. 

To make your approach strict and efficient, you must try these things to eliminate fruit flies in your home and keep practicing them to avoid them from reappearing. 

An efficient way to get rid of fruitflies 

  • Search the source through which they enter your house

Most fruit flies enter homes with a massive pile of garbage or stagnant water. These pests use moist places to lay their eggs, and the eggs hatch within 24 hours. Moreover, you must also check the shopping bag you carry outside as there might be an infestation. 

  • Empty your trash regularly 

Most of us wait until our trash can or bag is completely full to empty it. However, if you keep your organic waste lying in the air for a long time, it is the perfect opportunity for fruit flies to lay their eggs. If the trash stays in for too long, the eggs might even hatch inside your house, and you will have many fruit fies. 

  • Check your drains 

Fruit flies are often misunderstood as house flies because of their appearance. However, these pests are attracted to smelly and unsealed drains. So ensure you clean gutters every once in a while and cover them with a tight lid to avoid infestation. 

  • Fruit fly trap 

After closing all the possible entrances, you must check your kitchen for any potential infestation or breedings if you still find fruit flies in your home. Once you remove them, you can set a fruit fly trap in your home. 

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All you have to do is take apple cider vinegar and washing liquid and add some chopped fruit to this mixture. After mixing everything, cover the bowl with a  thin film and make holes in it to attract the fruit flies. 

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