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Golden Fish Types


Don’t think that their name is a deceiving one. Goldfish are available in a stunning array of colors. They are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fin styles. The slim-bodied goldfish are very durable and make great first pets for people who are new to aquarium keeping.

The fancy goldfish, like black moors and oranges are vibrant, distinctive, and much better as a hobby. Goldfish can be competitive eaters and extremely social with their owners. It is crucial to not keep fancy goldfish with large fish or feeder fish, as they are more prone to illness.

Prussian carp, the species from where goldfish were domesticated typically have a dull, gray-green hue. Through time, mutations and breeding have created the distinctive orange, red, and yellow pigments that are found in goldfish today. The first known species of fish introduced to North America was the goldfish which was introduced to Europe around 1600. It also made its way to America in the 1800s.

Two sets of paired fins are available for Goldfish as well as three sets of single fins. They do not have barbels which are sensory organs that fish may have that simulate taste buds. There are no scales on their heads. They don’t even have teeth but rather crush their food into their throats.

The fish are known for their large eyes as well as great senses of smell and hearing. Small bones located near their skull connect their swimming bladder with their internal ear.

If you like challenges, measure the number of scales that your goldfish has. It should have between 25-31 scales. Then, determine its length. The Guinness Book of World Records states that the largest pet goldfish on the planet is 18.7 inches. It’s owned by an individual who hails from the Netherlands.


Goldfish can go from adorable to terrifying when they are released into the wild. They are known as carriers of disease and parasites.

Between 3,000 and 4,000 goldfish were discovered in a lake in Boulder, Colorado, in 2015, and researchers have found goldfish of a large size in Lake Tahoe.

The size of a fish’s tank is often a factor in determining its size. Goldfish can grow when they are fed enough and have suitable temperatures for their water.

People around the world occasionally capture massive goldfish, which is a world away from the smaller versions that we’re used to. One British teenager landed a staggering five-pounder in 2010. And an angler on Michigan’s Lake St. Clair snagged a three-pounder in 2013.

This invasive species has proven to be a profitable business for commercial fishermen who fish in the Great Lakes. The industry made nearly $70,000 in earnings from the more than 90,000 pounds of goldfish caught in Michigan in the year 2015.

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