Guaranteed Ways To Get High-Quality Guest Posts, Blog Traffic & Google Backlinks

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get a high-quality article that will drive traffic to your blog or website. This article provides some tips for writing and submitting guest posts.


Benefits of Guest Posts

Guest blogging can lead to high-quality blog traffic, as well as help attract new readers and followers to your site. By partnering with other bloggers, you can create a blog network and share content benefits. Here are some guaranteed ways to get high-quality guest posts: 

  1. Reach out to bloggers who write about similar topics. Guest posting on another blogger’s site not only helps promote both sites, but also builds relationships between the bloggers. This can result in more guest posting opportunities down the line.
  2. Write about interesting topics that are relevant to your audience. When you focus on writing quality content, your chances of attracting guest bloggers and generating traffic increase significantly.
  3. Create a compelling call to action at the beginning of your post. This will encourage other bloggers to feature your content and generate more traffic for your site with the help of  guest posting sites list 2022.
  4. Offer valuable information in your guest post that is not typically found on other blogs. This will help distinguish your site from the competition and increase the chances of being featured by other bloggers.
  5. Publish regular guest posts that build up rather than simply filling space on your blog. This will give readers a sense of continuity and tone for your blog.


How to Write a Guest Post

Guest blogging is a great way to get high-quality, relevant traffic to your website. Here are four guaranteed ways to get quality guest posts:

  1. Network with other bloggers. Reach out to other bloggers and ask if they would be interested in having you write a guest post for their blog. If you are a good writer and have interesting content, most bloggers will be happy to have you contribute. Plus, it’s always nice to know someone is promoting your work!
  2. Use social media platforms. Share your blog post idea on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Many people read blogs via their social media feeds, so it’s important to get your post in front of as many people as possible.
  3. Submit your blog post proposal directly to blogs. Many large blogs offer guest posting opportunities, so it’s worth submitting a proposal directly to the blog owner. Make sure you research the blog before submitting your post idea – some blogs only accept high-quality submissions while others are more open to submissions from all corners of the web.
  4. Attend blogging conferences. Blogging conferences are a great way to meet other bloggers and network with them.
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What To Write In Your Guest Post

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get high-quality and targeted traffic to your website. By guest blogging, you can share your expertise with other bloggers and help them promote their work. Additionally, guest blogging can lead to new business opportunities.


To get the most out of guest blogging, be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Choose a topic that interests you. Guest blogging is a great way to share your knowledge with others, but it’s also important to choose a topic that you’re passionate about. If you don’t have any ideas aboutwhat topics to write about, check out some of the popular guest post ideas on sites like The Huffington Post and UpWork.
  2. Make sure your blog is relevant. Before submitting a guest post, make sure that your blog is relevant to the topic of the article. For example, if you’re writing about SEO, make sure that your blog posts are relevant to that topic. If not, be sure to include a link to your blog at the bottom of the article so readers can learn more about you and your work.
  3. Write well-crafted content. When submitting a guest post, make sure that your writing is well-crafted and


Types of Guest Blogger Opportunities

Guest blogging is an excellent way to get high-quality content, build relationships with other bloggers, and increase your blog’s traffic. Here are some guaranteed methods for finding guest blogger opportunities:

  1. Search for blog search engines like Google and Yahoo! Blogs. 
  2. Check out blogs in your niche or industry. 
  3. Look for blog partnerships or collaborations with other bloggers. 
  4. Submit your blog’s content to popular guest blog networks (like HubSpot’s Guest Blogger Network). 
  5. Attend webinars on guest blogging topics or hosting a guest post contest.
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Guest blogging for Popular Sites

Guest blogging can be an effective way to get high-quality blog traffic to your site. There are many guarantees you can make to help ensure that your guest blog posts are popular with bloggers and generate traffic.

  1. Offer a valuable perspective on the topic. If you are writing about a topic that is close to your heart, be sure to offer a unique perspective on the issue. When potential readers find out that you have experience with the topic, they will appreciate your contribution.
  2. Write for popular blogs. When you submit a guest post, make sure the blog accepts guest posts from a variety of perspectives and topics. This will ensure that your post is popular with bloggers who write about a variety of issues.
  3. Follow popular blogging guidelines. When you submit a guest post, make sure that the blogger accepts guest posts in a timely manner and follows common blogging guidelines. This will help to ensure that your post is well written and easy for other bloggers to replicate.
  4. Offer helpful tips or resources in your post. Many bloggers appreciate when guests offer helpful tips or resources in their posts. Including helpful tools, articles, or links within your post will help to


Using Follow Links for Traffic

Guest posts are a great way to get high-quality traffic to your blog. If you’re looking to get guest posts from popular bloggers, there are a few guaranteed ways to do it. 

One way is to use follow links. When you create a follow link, you include a unique code in the hyperlink that tells the blog reader how to find and follow your blog. This method is especially helpful if you want to promote your blog on other blogs. 

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Another way to get guest posts is to offer a contest or giveaway. This will help you connect with bloggers who are interested in promoting your content. Once you’ve connected with these bloggers, it’s simple enough to ask for a guest post. 

If you’re not sure how to create follow links or offer contests, don’t worry – there are plenty of resources available online. Start by searching for ‘guest post giveaway’ or ‘guest post contest’ on Google or, and then look for helpful articles and tutorials.



If you’re looking to increase your blog’s traffic and reach, consider Guaranteed Guest Posts. These posts are written by industry experts and can help you attract more readers and followers. By offering high-quality guest posts, you can create a valuable relationship with your readers that will result in increased traffic and online visibility.

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