Horse Rugs Guide – Different Types of Horse Rug and Its Benefits

Protecting your horse is as important as feeding him or her. Although they are one of the toughest wildings but taking care of them is also necessary when we are riding them. Therefore, when you want to keep them warm in the winter days, best option is to go for a horse rug

It has multiple benefits such as it protects your in both cold and hot days. Moreover, it is available in many variations and colours depending on the owner’s choice. There are instances when the horse is not comfortable with a particular material rug and tries to shrug it off. You must be very attentive when selecting the rug for your.


Why is it important to provide only the best rugs to your horse?

Horses are those animals that always need extra attention because of the way they are built. To keep them going strong you need special rugs for horses. Let’s know about all the benefits of having a horse rug for your dear horse. 


 It is very hygienic 

When your horse is wearing the rug, they will be in a much cleaner position. Well, you cannot bathe them in the wintertime because of the cold. On the other hand, when the horse sits or lies on the ground, the dust or ice does not make them dirty. Therefore, they stay cleaned all the winter. 


  • Keeps him dry

Horses are prone to catch cold in cold weathers or rainy seasons. It is highly important to keep him dry so that he can be warm as well. Whenever the forecast says something like it is going to be colder weather or raining, put a rug on him. It must be waterproof and weatherproof. Therefore, the rug will not soak the water and your horse will be dry and warm. 

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  • Keep him warm

Keeping your horse comfortable and warm is one of the challenges. In the wintry season, they suffer a lot without a horse rug especially at nights. You must give him the comfort by giving him the blanket rug. In fact, you need to increase the fills as the temperature falls. 


What are types of horse rugs that you can avail from the market?

The primary job of a horse rug is to protect the horse from the weather and dust, dirt, mould and mildews. However, you need to choose the rug very carefully because there are many varieties of them. While choosing one, take the size, comfort, protection into consideration. Here are types of rugs for your lovely horse


  • Stable rugs 

This type of horse rugs is for horses that stay inside. It enables them to move freely. Free movements allow them to generate some body heat which keeps them warm in the chilly weather. 


  • Mesh rugs

These saves the horse from midges and files. These are ideal for the summer days. You can just take the rug out and clean it as per the recommendation. Mostly, you use a cotton mesh rug and clean it with a damp cloth. It cleans all the dirt on them. Purchase this horse rug let the horses run and roam in a relaxing manner. 


  • Coolers

After working out, your horse starts sweating and the body temperature increases. When you use the coolers, it regulates the body temperature and let your horse have a healthy and relaxing time. This trick is to make sure they do not fall sick and continuously maintain their body temperature.

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  • Sheets

These are also summer rugs. It protects your from the UV rays in the hot days. As they are made of natural content of cotton, these are highly breathable in character. So, your will not feel any suffocation and at the same time 

Horses are living beings and they need the comfort in every way possible and only then will you get to ride them carefree. As we ride them, it is our duty to take proper care of them. 

In this article, we have discussed the upsides of having a rug for your. Also, we left information about the types of the rugs that is available for them. Just make a careful choice while buying.

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