How Does a Disposable Vape Work

Disposable vape are getting increasingly popular than ever before. They are being prevalent and utilised in the masses. This is because today, people are striving to do the most out of their daily routines, such as eating, working, or studying. Similarly, many people find it difficult to spare time to enjoy vaping. So they go for disposable products that can be used on the go and save time.

If you’re one of those people, you might consider disposable products a suitable option. Especially if you have recently switched from smoking to vaping, you might look for a product that works similarly to cigarettes. Hence this blog is all about how a disposable vape functions, but before getting into that, it’s important to see what is a disposable vape. Without further ado, let’s get into the details mentioned below:

What is a Disposable Vape: 

It is a type of vape device that is discarded after it gets used. Since these products come with an already-charged battery and prefilled e-liquid, they are easy to use. They are also easy to carry devices due to their slight weight and sleek design. 

They are available in different designs, sizes, and colours. More Importantly, these disposable devices come in different quantities and nicotine strengths. So the users have a wide range of options with this kind of vape. Notably, there are two main types of vapes: disposable like elf bar and reusable. 

Having that mentioned, now let’s look into how a disposable vape works.

How a Disposable Vape Works:

Unlike the rechargeable vape kits, there’s no need to press a button because usually, these devices are draw-activated. It works by a similar inhaling method as a user smokes a traditional cigarette. 

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The Components of Disposable Vape Kit:

There are the major elements in a disposable device that make it functional; the list is as follows:

An Integrated Battery:   

Unlike other vapes, disposable vapes have electronic batteries (usually lithium-ion) that are non-rechargeable. These batteries are incorporated with the device and can’t be detached. They are used to give power to the coil and supply sufficient wattage to the vape to operate.


The mouthpiece is on the top of the device; the vaper uses it to inhale the vapour in the mouth. This part of the device should be kept clean because this is unhygienic to use a dirty product. So being a good vaper, you can take care of it.

Vape E-liquid Tank: 

The e-liquid tank is an essential part of the vape available at the online vape shop. Since it is used to hold the vape juice. Vape juice is a liquid substance utilised in vape devices which gets heated up to produce vapour. The disposable vapes provide different varieties of vape liquid flavours. Nicotine, flavour, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine are the major components of e-juice.

The Coil or Wick:

The wick is part of an atomiser whose use is to turn the juice into vapour. The coils are heated by the current supplied by the device battery. In simple words, The heating element (also known as the atomiser head) steams nicotine juice/liquid and turns it to vapour. 


It is suggested to prime the coil ahead of using the device while using another type of device as reusable vapes. In opposition, disposable vapes don’t require preparing their coil as they come with non-customisable features.

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Bottom Line:

Whether you are looking to quit smoking or you have already started vaping, it is important that you make the right choice for yourself. Among the main types of vapes, disposable vapes are the ones that require almost zero maintenance. 

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