How to convert EML files to Gmail format?

Gmail format

If you want to convert the Windows Live EML files to Gmail format and look for the manual solution for EML files into a Gmail account then your search will be a waste of time. No manual process is available for importing EML emails to Gmail. To send EML files to Gmail, you must use any third-party solution.

There are many tools available which is why it is difficult to choose the best one. Also, all do not solutions offer direct conversions. Such a solution directly imports EML files from Gmail EML to Gmail Converter. The tool is very useful for converting EML into a G Suite account. Download the app to enjoy a seamless migration process.

Also, by following a few quick steps, you can easily convert EML into a Gmail account.




The conversion using a third-party tool


To convert your Windows live mail EML files into the Gmail format easily and reliably a user can install this EML to the Gmail Converter tool. The application is a reliable and convenient platform for all the users and hence provides an advanced platform for all the users. metal rocking chair

Let us check out the steps that a user has to follow to complete the conversion of the EML files:


1– Open the app and add the files

2– Get a preview of all these files

3Set a path to save the converted files

4– Hit the convert button

Gmail format

Using these few steps, a user can manage to convert their EML files to Gmail format. With the screenshots, every user is able to carry out the conversion of the EML files easily.


Why use this app?


Users must choose this EML for the Gmail Converter application as:


  • It is an easy and reliable platform to convert your files
  • Gives a user-friendly platform
  • The instant result is provided
  • No chance of an error
  • Zero error is faced by the users


Thus, a user must see this application for converting their EML files to Gmail format.


Features that are provided


Here are some of the amazing features that are provided by this amazing application for easy and convenient conversion of EML files to Gmail format.


  • Easy to handle:

This EML to Gmail Converter tool can be handled easily by any user without any hurdle. Users without any technical assistance are able to convert their EML files to Gmail format.

  • Zero error:

With full accuracy, all the users are able to carry the conversion of the EML files to Gmail format. Using the application there is no chance of errors that can be faced by the users.

  • Bulk conversion:

Users can convert any amount of the EML files to Gmail format as the application supports the bulk conversion of the EML files. This saves a lot of time for the users.

  • Customized saving:

The converted EML files can be saved at any location that is suitable for the user. The application promotes a customized saving of the converted EML file.


These features help users to carry the convenient conversion of the EML files to Gmail format. Easy conversion of the EML files is done using the tool. Moreover, the tool is compatible with any Mac version.

Users must opt for this tool as the application is easy to use and even a novice user can use this tool. The result is always user-desired and therefore users choose this MailVita EML to Gmail Converter for Mac software.


Final Words

Do try the demo version of the application that is being provided by the tool for users who want to know more about the tool by using it. If users are satisfied with this demo version they can buy the licensed version of the tool. Try this app now!

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