How to Design Custom Candle Boxes to Boost Product Appeal

If you’re looking for a custom way to customize your packaging box, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up five creative ways to make your custom candle boxes look great and stand out from the rest.

  • Start with an empty box from existing cardboard and enrich it with attractive colors and designs. If you want to add something even more fun, experiment with patterned or wrapping paper.
  • Even if your candle retailer doesn’t have a logo yet, there are many ways to add branding details to your box. If you have business cards or stickers, use them as labels on the back of each box or the side of a large box. Or you can get labels printed individually with your logo and contact information.
  • If your store sells candles or cakes, customers are more likely to pick them up right away. So pull-out boxes are perfect for this type of packaging, so you don’t have to use extra containers on the go.
  • These custom packages are functional, but they also offer an opportunity to brand through attractive designs that will grab people’s attention as soon as they walk through your store (or on social media).
  • Custom candle packaging boxes that attract more customers and sales.

Does your retail candle business need more customers? They can have the best candles in town. But the way you packaged it didn’t impress anyone. So instead of letting your business die, try these ideas for making your custom candle packaging box look more appealing. Candle packaging is the most important thing to make your product more attractive. The reason is that the unique box design will make your brand stand out from the crowd, and customers will see your products before anyone else.

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Value for Money through Customized Packaging Boxes

Customers looking for custom candle packaging boxes want them to be unique, with a clean look, and at a reasonable price. Professional packaging companies offer you all of that and more, plus fast shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed! The custom-made boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so they can make any order you want.

They also have different designs available for your use: you can get our plain white box or choose one of our many color options. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, we can customize the color on the boxes and add a logo.

The best part about ordering from a professional packaging company is that it’s easy–you have to pick out what kind of candle box you want, choose how many boxes will fit inside (we recommend between 10-20 depending on size), pay using PayPal or credit card, and then wait until they arrive!

Styles that Match Every Situation and Needs

Create attractive packages for loved ones. Wrap personalized custom boxes in a plain and simple brown or white paper. Adhere to several 3D materials, like blocks and customized paper rings, to produce an elegant look. Take three cardboard boxes and connect them with thick rope. Each contains two candles. This type of packaging offers a perfect fit and excellent presentation of your candles. An independent person can undoubtedly hold onto the rope and take these three boxes together.

Make a white box the size of a rectangle. Add a bright logo to the canter of the box for a bit of tweaking. Each case can undoubtedly hold up to three candles. Recycle used magazines by making wrapping paper. Use a simple bow (in any quick color you like) with a printed newspaper for the most comfortable look. You can turn your custom wholesale custom presentation boxes into representative packaging with a touch of innovation.


Wrap your candles in plain brown paper. Now use the silver pen to add geometric shapes, snowflakes or straight lines. This strategy gives your packaging a rustic look. Another innovative way to add a touch to regular candle packaging is to create a candle-shaped container. Each chest can carry two candles in vertical control. It is implied that the candles are offered on top of each other.

Choose Inspirational Designs to Inspire

Choose a box with a window for packing the candles. Your customers can see your candle enriched in the middle of the box. In the same way, packaging enrichment gives them some thought concerning the things in the container. Whether you’re trying to display your candles in a beautifully designed candle box or protect them for transport and storage, we have the products and accessories you need.

Be Unique and Different from the Old Standard Look

Ditch the standard custom boxes and enhance your candles with mirror or clear candle boxes that allow customers to see the product they are buying. These boxes match the candle wrappers. Customers will love the beautiful packaging and know precisely what they are getting!

If you want to stand out from the competition, try a cardboard candle packaging box. Made of high quality, durable and robust cardboard, these boxes will give your candles an unusual look that no other competitor can match! If you want to impress your customers, a silver box can be used. You will come back again!

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