How to Fix Your Slow Internet?

The simplest way to improve the speed of your internet connection is to restart your router and modem (or gateway). However, sometimes, you may get slow speeds due to an issue from your provider’s end.

If your modem or router is not working properly, it may end up creating a speed bottleneck. This applies to wireless gateways as well. But, if you have old equipment, it may not support some internet protocols. Similarly, damaged equipment may also cause internet slowdowns.

However, you can use some tips and techniques to ensure that your network has optimal speeds. We have curated a list of ways to fix your network speeds using simple and advanced methods.

Why Is Your Internet So Slow?

Your internet may get slower due to many reasons. It may occur if your internet service provider (ISP) is encountering issues, your increased distance from the router, or if your home network requires a reboot. Besides, there are many other reasons why you’d encounter such problems.

Here are some of the most common issues associated with your internet speed and ways to resolve them:

You Need Better Network Management

If you can’t upgrade to another network, you have two options left: manage your internet usage or work with slow speeds. You can use the following ways to reduce your home network traffic without asking your roommates to get off the internet:

Prune Your Internet Connections

You may not notice but you may have anold device sitting in your drawer that is still connected to your network. Even if you don’t use it anymore, know that it still consumes your bandwidth through updates and other background services. In addition, most routers can connect to a limited number of devices at the same time. So, with too many devices connected to your router, it may fail to connect with some of them.

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You can disconnect some of such devices by logging into your router’s web interface to see the list of devices connected to the same network. It doesn’t matter if they are active or not, simply block all the unwanted devices from accessing your router.

Another way to get rid of inactive devices that remain connected to your network is to change your Wi-Fi password. You can only do this with wireless devices. But, once it’s changed, you can reconnect your active devices by entering the password of your wireless network.

Use a Guest Network for Visitors

Although you can share your Wi-Fi password with anyone you want, it is always a better idea to keep a guest network for visitors. Since you can’t trust every person who visits your place, your router’s guest network will protect you if someone uses your Wi-Fi to download malicious files or illegal content. In addition, you can use your guest network to limit how much bandwidth your guests can consume, the websites they can surf, and even which applications or services they use.

Your Internet Plan Offers Slow Speeds

If your internet is more likely to slow down when too many users are connected at the same time, it may indicate that you are exceeding your data limit. In such situations, you can use an internet speed test to check your actual speed, compared to the speeds advertised by your provider. However, if the results show that your speeds are close to what your provider claims to offer, then it’s time to upgrade to another plan. Spectrum Internet offers high speeds so you could perform bandwidth-intensive tasks without worrying about internet slowdowns. Call servicio al cliente de Spectrum to explore new plans that can keep up with your household.

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Your ISP’s Network Is Congested

Cable internet users are more likely to encounter slowdowns during peak hours when most people are using the internet simultaneously. This is because you and your neighbors are trying to get the same bandwidth at the same time.

However, if network congestion gets worse, you may notice that your ISP throttles internet speeds in your area to reduce the network traffic.

Since you can’t control internet usage in your neighborhood, it is better to carry out speed-intensive tasks (such as downloading files or playing online games) during hours when fewer people are using the internet.

While there is no way to determine which providers have fewer subscribers in your area, you can switch to fiber internet without a second thought. This is because only fiber internet can facilitate its users despite having network congestion. It has an infrastructure that can carry a lot more data than the rest of the internet types. Therefore, it does not slow down even when during peak hours.

Your Wi-Fi Signals Are Weak

Besides distance, certain objects, such as walls and even electronic appliances like microwave ovens can disrupt your Wi-Fi signals. With weaker signals, you get slower speeds followed by frequent disconnection.

One way to identify whether your signals are weak or your signals are disrupted is to check how your Wi-Fi works based on your distance from the router. They may get slow as you browse the web in some rooms in your home that are far from the router. Similarly, you may notice how the signals improve as you go near your router.

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To fix the issue of weak signals, you can relocate your router. Place it in a central location in your home, preferably on an elevated shelf and away from other devices and objects that can interfere with your Wi-Fi signals.


As the above mentioned points illustrate, you can resolve most internet speed issues by moving your router to another location, restricting your Wi-Fi network, avoiding the use of the internet during peak hours, or simply upgrading to another plan. If none of these solutions work for your network, you may need to invest in a Wi-Fi router extender to boost your signals at home.

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