How to keep pets away from your car and keep it clean

pets and car

Pets don’t have the understanding that they can damage their owner’s adored car when they are sitting over it or just climbing on it. We do not need to get angry at them as they are doing it without any bad intentions. Then there are rodents too which can cause damage. We will discuss car rodent repellents and how to keep your pets away from your car.

What can be done to keep pets away from my car?

Even if you don’t witness your cat on the car’s hood, still you will discover the aftermath which can lead you to the conclusion that your car was used by your cats or any other pets.

Mostly, we would like to talk about methods that will keep cats away as any other pets like a dog don’t cause any trouble by getting over your car or something similar.

Using mothballs

Using mothballs is probably the cheapest remedy to the problem of pets sitting over your car. Cats hate the strong scent of mothballs and if you keep mothballs on, around and inside the hood of your car, then probably cats will avoid your car. However, it is important to know that mothballs contain high concentrations of insect repellents and are dangerous if your pets eat them. So, try to use it as a last resort.

Make it spicy

Well, I’m not talking about cooking food. But using some spices like cayenne pepper around the car will keep cats at bay. These don’t harm cats but can do the work of shooing them away from your car.

Sprinkling water

This method is useful only for your cats and not much for dogs as most dogs enjoy playing with water. But we do know that cats hate water mostly. So, if you have a sprinkler laying in the garden, then use it at night near the car. This may waste some water though. However, a better solution is a motion-detected sprinkler.

Additionally, if you don’t have sprinklers, then you can use bottle sprayers too and see the results. Whenever you spot your cat going towards your car or sitting over it, spray water on the cat. It will learn not to sit over the car soon.

Sound the alarm

Keep the car alarm on so that it starts sounding whenever your cat climbs it. The loud sound will set the cat off but this can be disturbing at night and you may have annoyed neighbors knocking on your car to complain about it.

So, instead, an ultrasonic pest repellent can be used. Humans cannot hear ultrasonic sounds but it will be disturbing for pets.

Natural repellent

You can even make your own homemade repellent. Dogs and cats will abstain from certain food materials. For this, first, take a spray bottle and some water. Then add peppermint, rosemary essential oil, orange, and lavender and mix it properly. Spray it on your car. Reapply it every week.

Market repellents

Many repellents are available in the market too which won’t be harmful to your pet but it also contains all the essential elements that we have discussed above. Especially if you have rodents causing trouble to your car then certainly a car rodent repellent can help.

Talk to the pet owner if it is not yours

If someone else’s pet is giving marks to your car and you know the owner then the time is here for a frank conversation. Explain to them the damage their pet is causing and ask them to keep their pet indoors or within their garden. If still it is not working then ask them to trim the nails of their pets at least so that they cannot make marks on your car.

Parking in your garage

The best and safest way to protect your car without hurting the pet is to seal off the garage. Even if your garage is attached to your home and your pet is entering from there, make sure to at least fix a door so that the garage can be completely sealed. This way, the pets won’t be able to go near your car.

Using a car cover

To be honest, this is not something that will keep your or anyone else’s pets away but it can save your car from scratching from their claws. If you use a car cover then the claws will not penetrate to the car’s paint and it will be protected.

Additionally, you can avail yourself of professional paint protection services that will add a layer of protection to your car’s paint.

After your pets have made your car dirty, let’s see how can we keep it clean:

For keeping a car clean, wash it regularly. If your pet has peed or pooped on your car’s body then it is important to clean it immediately as it may stain the car’s paint.

Use a pressure washer to wash off as much as possible. Then use car shampoo and other car detailing products to make the car shiny.

That was a quick blog on some simple yet effective methods to keep pesky cats away from your car. After the pet attack is over, wash your car and use car care products to keep it in good health and keep it beautiful. For rodents, we can simply use variously mentioned rodent repellents that work phenomenally well.

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