How to Make Mass Texting Work for Your Business

In the past few years remote and digital operations have become a necessity for almost every and any business that has wanted to remain open and competitive. This has meant embracing a variety of technologies in new ways. In the past, many organizations would never even have considered implementing an Texting marketing strategy into their overall advertising and growth plan. However, technology and mobile consumerism has risen to such popular heights that it simply can’t be ignored no matter what field or industry one is in. The rise of the internet, social media platforms, communication technologies, data analysis software, and a whole spectrum of other technologies are all commonplace in modern business operations. 

Understanding how these various technologies fit into the context of your brand, organization, or business, can be integral to unlocking a whole new marketing avenue that lets you connect with consumers in brand new ways. SMS marketing or mass text marketing targets a direct line of consumer communication and can therefore be extremely effective; it is also typically conducted by partnering with a mass texting service. Since most of us have our smartphones on us at almost all times, SMS marketing can be an easy way to get the attention of a consumer – especially if the campaign is specifically well-designed. 


Defining the Target Audience

One of the most important parts of modern marketing is properly defining the audience. While the development of a target audience isn’t a new concept in marketing, the technologies and tactics involved have evolved considerably. Equipped with today’s technology, marketing and advertising professionals can create a target audience that is based on the purchase patterns and consumer habits of a single individual. From there, they are able to create, if they want to, full and comprehensive marketing campaigns specific to that person. 

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Extremely individualized campaigns can be seen in places like the Amazon marketplace wherein product suggestions, ads, and deals that appear to any one user are based on that users specific purchase, search, and transaction history with Amazon. 

In other situations, marketing and advertising campaigns are designed to connect with a slightly larger target audience. Social media campaigns, for instance, might target a specific group of users between set ages, who have shown a particular interest in a certain topic. Finally, there are other situations still, in which a much larger target audience is crafted. This is often the case with forms of outdoor marketing like a billboard that is simply targeted at commuters who take a certain route to and from work. 

In the context of an SMS marketing campaign conducted with a mass texting service, accurately defining the target audience will significantly improve the metrics of the campaign.


Choosing Campaign Varieties 

When deciding how to utilize SMS marketing within the context of your own organization, it’s also important to be familiar with the variety of ways that brands typically make use of SMS communications and a mass texting service with customers. There are strict marketing campaigns, there are promotional campaigns, there are poll and survey campaigns, there are customer support messages, there are automatic messages, and there are update messages. All of which can help create an excellent customer experience in the right context. 

A busy restaurant, for example, might use SMS communications to update walk-ins who are waiting for a table to open up, whereas a brand new coffee vendor might want to poll the locals on how they compare to a big-brand coffee shop. Part of making SMS marketing work for your business is deciding the best way it fits into your organization’s model. 

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Utilizing Tracking Technologies

While SMS marketing is effective, you’ll want to know just how effective it is for your business specifically. There are a variety of technologies and softwares specifically designed to help you track the data and metrics that result from an SMS marketing campaign in real-time. A comprehensive mass texting service may even offer some of these tracking softwares as a part of their general service.

This enables marketing professionals to create better campaigns in the future while giving them insights into SMS marketing tactics that work well, and the ones that aren’t as successful. 


Being Mindful of Consumer Time

One big piece of the SMS marketing puzzle is communicating to consumers that the brand sending the message values their time. This is important because it’s been shown that consumers often prioritize convenience and efficiency when reflecting on the overall customer experience. 

By keeping SMS communications concise and heiring on the side of short-and-sweet, marketing professionals are less likely to lose the interest of the consumer and have their SMS campaign work against them. 


Crafting Valuable and Relevant Messages

Finally, and in the same vein as respecting and valuing consumer time, SMS campaigns facilitated by a mass texting service need to deliver value to the consumer on some level. Whether this is through the announcement of big news, a mobile-only sales deal, or something else your consumers will find helpful and relevant – the content of the SMS campaign itself is the most important element in all of this.

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