How to prepare for GRE in 15 days

GRE, or the Graduate Record Examination, is one of the tests taken by candidates worldwide if they wish to secure admission into graduate schools worldwide. Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Ability are the three main areas. Before you begin GRE preparation, keep in mind that the GRE paper is given by students from candidates worldwide. As a result, the issues are fundamental. However, because the GRE assesses a candidate’s logical ability and aptitude, it features a comprehensive syllabus covering a wide range of topics. Continue reading to learn more about GRE preparation in 10 days.

GRE preparation in 15 days


It’s time to start studying if you’re taking the GRE in less than a month. Generally, one must begin studying as soon as possible. But we understand that this does not always happen. Even if you have two weeks till your test, you can make significant progress.


You’ll note that the content phase of studying practically vanishes from the timetable in this short time frame. There will be time to go over any topics you are unfamiliar with, but for the most part, you will be learning from practice. As the time is short, you will only need to understand the frequently asked topics. Hence, you’ll discover only what you need to know by concentrating on the two full-length practice tests and additional practice sections.


Day 1 and 2


Read the official ETS Guide to learn everything there is to know about the GRE, including the pattern, question types, sectional duration, exam syllabus, and more. Then, give one diagnostic GRE practice test. Finally, you can take GRE Mock 1 if you’ve enrolled in the GREKing course. Analyse the question types where you made a mistake and categorise them as having never heard of the topic before, Having difficulty grasping the notion, or having a problem with time management.

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Day 3 and 5


For today’s GRE preparation, concentrate on Verbal Reasoning. You’re aware of the three types of questions. Choose one type of inquiry at a time. Then go to GREKing’s YouTube channel and watch the videos for each question type. Practice tests should be given. If you have the GREKing course, you can also watch the foundational videos on your course dashboard. After that, complete practise questions from the official topic-specific GREKing free ebooks for each topic.


Day 6 and 7 


You will begin working on the GRE Quant syllabus as of today. Begin with arithmetic right now. In contrast to Verbal Reasoning, GRE Quant questions are straightforward. So go through the ETS Guide’s Arithmetic practice questions and try to answer as many as you can. You can also use ebooks to prepare for yourself. Remember that Arithmetic and Geometry account for over half of the GRE Quant course, so be sure to practise these topics thoroughly. Today, concentrate on RC for Verbal Practice. Practice as many RC questions as you can.


Day 8 and 9


For GRE Prep, stick to the strategy from yesterday. Today, instead of Arithmetic, concentrate on Algebra. In addition, continue practising Reading Comprehension for Verbal Reasoning.


Day 10 


We’ll set aside another day for GRE Algebra because there are so many topics. Furthermore, if you have not yet completed some Arithmetic exercises, you can focus on doing so today. Today’s Text Completion questions are for verbal practice.


Day 11


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After completing 10 days of GRE preparation, you will be required to tweak your GRE preparation strategy. To do so, first, give another GRE practice test. There will be 2-4 practice exams in the Official Guide. While you haven’t yet gone over Geometry, it’s essential to look back and see how far you’ve come in the last five days of GRE practice. Then, after you’ve completed the mock, practise writing one GRE AWA essay. The GREKing Youtube/Facebook page, where we offer weekly practice subjects, will provide you with different AWA topics.


Day 12


Begin with the GRE paper’s Geometry portion. Then, focus on practising Sentence Equivalence questions from the Official Guide.


Day 13


Please give the rest of the days to revise your Geometry. Also, finish any Quant topics you didn’t have time to practise. You can use an Ebook to practise the same. Finally, practise Critical Reasoning questions for today’s Verbal section.


Day 14


Begin with queries that require data analysis. After practising a few questions, you’ll see that the data in this question style is straightforward. The questions, on the other hand, need a lot of maths. So the idea is to get acquainted with the format by practising more and more questions. After that, take another full-length GRE mock test.


Day 15


Practising one AWA essay should be your priority today. Practising it would take your time. Hence, you can skip the daily GRE practice test today. 


As you have comprehensively practised other subjects, you can revise all of the previous topics, review the formulas, and look at previous exam papers. Review the vocabulary words you’ve studied. 

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You’ve completed your GRE preparation. So, relax, eat well, organise your documents, and go to bed early.

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