How to Take Full Advantage of a Bulletin Billboard

There are multiple ways for marketers to reach those audiences, whether those audiences are interested in or unfamiliar with a product.  Marketing agencies or companies themselves may invest in televised advertisements, magazine advertisements, or social media advertisements to disseminate information about a product or service.  Advertising is as important for a business as technology, customer service, and sales.  One shouldn’t neglect it.

Contrasting against typical billboards, a bulletin billboard is usually gargantuan, and it provides many opportunities for creativity that regular billboards don’t provide.  These advertisements are great for attracting attention from commuters, amplifying exposure and visibility.


Steal That Spotlight

Bulletin billboards are some of the largest ones in existence.  Many take up at least 600 square feet.  They’re a popular advertising option for marketers who want to put advertisements along the side of a road.  They’re geared toward people who’re either on the go for a short while or traveling for a long time.  Coming in several different formats, some bulletin boards can be embellished by three-dimensional components to be even more eye-catching than they already are.  Greeting many travelers and passersby, bulletin billboards can receive the attention of thousands if not millions.


Spread Efforts Across Different Areas

What’s possible is to purchase bulletin billboards with different package options.  Generally, there are permanent bulletin billboards, which can be placed in a single location for a few months, and there are rotary bulletin billboards, which change positions every several weeks or so.  Typically, both options are good in terms of visibility.


Expand as Many Dimensions as Possible

Let’s talk more about a bulletin board’s dimensions.  Most are nearly 10 feet high and almost 50 feet wide, though billboard specifications often depend on both the selected geographic location and the embellishments with which to decorate the billboard.

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Dominate Each And Every Highway

As popular as typical billboards are, businesses and marketing agencies often fail to consider the ways in which bulletin billboards can be more effective.  Similar to wallscapes, bulletin billboards are more likely to be unique and receive attention from passersby, viewers, and travelers.  A primary difference between billboards and their bulletin counterparts is size.  Bulletin billboards are fundamentally much bigger.  Greater size means more space to work in, allowing for more customization and more embellishments.  As a result, bulletin billboards are actually more likely than regular ones to be along major highways, while more minute billboards overlook citywide avenues or little streets.  The singular distinction that may make regular billboards better is that regular billboards can be digital, and if they’re digital, then they’re easier to amend.  No repainting is necessary.  You’re largely stuck with whatever’s on your bulletin billboard.

Eye-catching bulletin billboards usually complement high-traffic areas, whether that traffic consists of vehicles or people.  Bulletin billboards get most interest when they are in front of major highways or in dense metropolitan areas, whether that metropolitan area is Atlanta or Chicago.


Advertise Your Product in a Way That Succeeds

The main pro of a bulletin board is that it’s bigger than other advertising options.  No one is able to ignore such eminent advertisements.  These advertisements are so well embellished and detailed that they are not capable of being ignored by the surrounding masses, no matter the demographic categories into which those masses fall. 

Bulletin billboards offer so much exposure regardless of placement.  The singular problem with bulletin billboards is cost, as so much more work needs go into their production and development.  A nice location may increase the price a little bit, too.  A cautious option would be to work with an established marketing agency to find a bulletin billboard instead of trying to complete research by yourself.  Your business is going to keep you busy enough.  Outsourcing may be a solid idea if you’re unsure about which bulletin billboard to obtain.  After all, an advertisement is a major investment that lasts for months.

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Give Yourself More Flexibility

The contract terms of bulletin billboard purchases are also significant.  A bulletin billboard’s contract terms depend on whether your billboard is permanent or rotary.  Many bulletin billboards stay for an exceedingly long time such that they dominate a skyline or are for multiple months if not years in the future.  Contracts ought to include a definite amount of time for the bulletin billboard to grace the skyline, and they should determine whether the display in question is permanent or rotary.


Make Research Work For You

For companies, businesses, and brands, bulletin billboards can turn heads and catch countless eyes with sprawling visual displays.  Commuters, travelers, and passersby will be amazed by what your company’s done with the bulletin billboard.  A cursory delve into demographic research will allow you to place a bulletin billboard in the most effective area and exploit geographic locations.

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