13 Ideas for Interesting, Engaging, and Just Plain Awesome Tweets for Business

13 Ideas for Interesting, Engaging, and Just Plain Awesome Tweets for Business

Using Twitter to conduct business is quite fun, but that isn’t to say that it’s effortless. Finding out what you should tweet isn’t easy,(Click here)and it’s easy to be tempted into doing nothing but retweeting the things that other people are tweeting.
If you take a moment to think before Tweeting, you don’t have to look this way.

Before You Get Started:

Consider and build yourself an identity before you get too wild in your Tweets. What would you like to pop into people’s minds when they think of Your Twitter stream? Do you want to be random and fun like Innocent? Exciting and informative similar to The Travel Channel? Do you plan on securing loyal customers with promotions and competitions similar to Starbucks?

Before deciding on a strategy, take a look at your brand’s image and the audience. The Tweets you choose to share should be in line with the spirit of your brand so that they don’t dissuade your audience.

Once you’ve identified who you’d like to follow on Twitter and the best way to interact with your followers, It’s time to get into the fun part: the Tweeting!

Ask a Question:

Yes, I know this is pretty simple. You’re likely currently doing this. I am not usually the one that handles informing you that a question is an excellent Tweet. But what exactly is it you’re asking, and how do you approach the question? The right questions and correctly asking them is crucial to active and stimulating engagement.

In the first place, you should be concise. In both the way you pose the question and the response you demand. Nobody wants to spend long hours trying to discover the exact meaning of what you’re looking at. They will not wish to; they’ll just not be bothered.

You don’t have time to come up with the answer. Questions that require a single or two-word answer are typically your best option. Keep in mind that you’re on Twitter. It takes only a second or two to grab the attention of someone. Also, we have only 140 characters, and this isn’t the right time to start asking essay questions.

Second, keep the W’s – the who’s, the where’s, when’s, and the why’s. What’s your favorite flavor of Ice cream? What was the first place you kissed? What are the rules to ask a simple question?


Yes, I’m not a fan of this (but that’s because you don’t just retweet, right? ). We are awestruck by tweeting retweets. It’s easy, fast, and requires little imagination from your end. You’ll probably also make someone someplace very happy. It’s great to make people smile.

Start an Original Hashtag:

Hashtags don’t need to be dull and don’t need to be solely about your company’s name. In the spring of this year, Hotel chains like Best Western decided to adopt the hashtag #cheerup. This was a great way to show that the brand cares without making the classic social-media-schoolboy-error of simultaneously saying, ‘LOOK AT US! AREN’T WE GREAT!”

The possibility of having your company’s name associated and recognized by a fun and unique hashtag is an excellent method of creating a genuine social media buzz about your business. Once you’ve picked your hashtag, you can get it noticed by dropping it in subdued tweets at the correct times. Be careful not to go too far. Otherwise, you’ll be boring people before the hashtag can get noticed.

Look at the World Around You:

and then comment on the post. It’s funny, though. It definitely will help.

Some of my favorite Twitterers are doing precisely this. Please look at the Twitter feeds from Sarah Linney, who always shows a clever way of putting a humorous spin on the bizarre or simply irritating things that happen in our lives. Andrew Nattan is definitely worth having a look at.

Okay, I realize they’re personal rather than commercial Twitter accounts; however, there’s no reason to believe that this strategy could not be employed in the corporate social media world of Twitter. It will give your brand identity and make you appear like a person who is friendly and accessible.

One thing to remember When you’re tweeting on the news, make sure to ensure that the majority of people can be able to relate to the tweet. It would help if you were social. Talking about something you only like or can relate to isn’t the most pleasant thing.

Answer a Question

If someone asks you a question, then you should respond. If someone you follow asks you a question that you can respond to, make sure you respond.

This is a fantastic way to be noticed by someone you admire, who you may be following but who hasn’t followed you back. You also have the potential to increase your followers. If that person tweets you back to thank them, Some of their followers will be aware of it, and If you’re lucky enough, they’ll decide to follow you.

Offer Hints and Tips:

It is best to incorporate tips that relate to your business over time; this could aid you in gaining momentum as an authority and an authority figure in your field.

Tweet a link to a Video:

It’s even more effective when you’ve written and directed your blockbuster. Make sure that your movie is very instructive or extremely enjoyable. It should, in all likelihood, be both.

The Travel Channel is a master at making videos that meet all the boxes. They give a unique spin to their videos with topics like “Tornado Safety Tips’ and ‘Avoid Blood-Sucking Beasts’ and other more apparent topics to travelers, such as ‘Lost luggage and suggestions regarding what to do if your flight is canceled.

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