In India, List of the top ten payroll software providers.


Payroll software is a vital tool for any business to make managing its payroll procedures easier and more efficient. Many payroll software companies in India entice you with their services. We’ve compiled an inventory of the top 10 payroll software in India.

Payroll is crucial for every company, regardless of size or sector. Payroll is the primary incentive to have a high-performing workforce with less absenteeism. It’s a complicated procedure that depends on various elements and legal requirements.

The conventional methods to calculate and process payroll could be time-consuming and risky. Payroll errors and arrears can cause discontent in the workforce and result in legal consequences. There are numerous internet-based Payroll Software in India vendors available in the market today to make it easier and streamline the process.

This technology can store your payroll, process it, and calculate your pay precisely to guarantee a smoother process. In the blog that follows, we’ll review the top 10 payroll software vendors in India. Our previous blog posts also discussed how payroll software benefits your business’s efficiency.

What are the best 10 payroll software in India?

Following is a list of the top 10 payroll software in India is alphabetical:

HR One :

Here is an efficient payroll program that manages payroll with no errors to ensure conformance. It is a reliable solution for any organization because it’s fun and efficient regardless of size. It’s a reliable tool that allows organizations to process employees’ payroll in only a couple of clicks.

HR One is an excellent tool for businesses to simplify and streamline HR processes to lessen their employees’ workload. In addition, this program will analyze the data and provide you with precise information about your employee’s data, allowing you to create strategic adjustments to your HR process.


  • Notice period adjustments.
  • Encashment for Leave.
  • Credit and arrears.
  • Other payments and gratuities.
  • Settlement Compliance.
  • Bonus.
  • Reimbursements.
  • Investment declarations.
  • Customized salary slips for employees.
  • Tax management.


Keka Payroll software is a revolutionary instrument to simplify the difficult Indian process of paying your employees. It comes with all the tools to streamline the payroll process and automate it. The software updates the data in real-time and immediately on the system, avoiding final-minute stress.

Keka is a time tracker software that integrates the payroll system, allowing it to centralize the process. This payroll software India for HR allows employers to send employee salary slips via messages, emails, and the applications. It’s the perfect instrument for an organization to control every aspect of its payroll. It also gives you clear insights into the process.


  • Management of compliance.
  • Control of expenses.
  • Compensation management.
  • Advance and loan management.
  • Management of employee finances.
  • Time monitoring.
  • Management of leave and attendance.


Nitro is a payment management system that allows you to manage all aspects of your payroll on time. It will make sure that your business has 100% compliance. Nitro can be described as a payment program in India that calculates and processes PF, TDS, ESIC, and PT.

It’s a complete payroll system accessible for employees from any location. The payroll software is easy to use and can automatically process employees’ salaries. This payroll software permits you to personalize the system to meet your company’s needs.


  • Management of overtime and attendance.
  • Management leave.
  • Controlling claims and expenses.
  • Tax management for specific countries.
  • Management of performance.
  • Advances and loans.
  • Rewards and awards.
  • Salary calculation and process.
  • Settlement in full and final.


Peopleworks is a sophisticated payroll management software that allows you to simplify and digitize all aspects of your payroll. It includes all the advanced tools that can help you simplify complicated HR processes. The HR and payroll software will assist companies in transitioning from hiring to retirement.

This solution software has effective security features to keep the confidential data on your payroll safe. It aids businesses by letting them automatically calculate and process payroll data to boost team productivity. Peopleworks is an intuitive cost-effective, reliable, and affordable payroll application. The software will monitor any changes to the laws governing labor and alert your employees to ensure compliance.


  • Processing of payroll.
  • Benefit administration.
  • Pay structures.
  • Settlement in full and final.
  • Management of compliance.
  • Plan for flexible benefit.
  • Calculator for income tax.
  • Payroll stimulation.

Pocket HRMS :

Pocket HRMS is a perfect online payroll software that can automate the process of paying employees and guarantees 100 100% accuracy. It’s a full-featured solution that assists in managing all aspects that is part of an HR department. The payroll software lets you customize the system to meet your needs.

Pocket HRMS produces the necessary information within a couple of clicks, and employees can upload documents, download and modify documents in a matter of minutes. The software comes with an app for mobile devices that allows users access to HRMS while on the mobile. In addition, it comes with an AI Chabot integrated into the program called “smHRty” that can answer questions from customers and allow your staff to concentrate on other tasks.


  • Management of compliance.
  • Processing of payroll.
  • Processing of tax deductions and processing.
  • Cloud security.
  • Time tracking and management of attendance.
  • Also, you can read about how blockchain will transform the pay system.


A candle is a software for payroll that comes with the most advanced features to make processing payroll simple for any business. The software assists organizations in managing their payroll and workforce most efficiently.

The candle is aware of the challenges of workplaces in the modern age. Therefore, they’ve developed a smart HR solutions that help simplify the complex nature of today’s workforce. Candle is the one-stop solution for your HR needs, allowing them to manage their entire company on one platform.


  • Processing of payroll.
  • Compensation for employees.
  • Compliance with the law.
  • Advances and claims.
  • Advice on compliance and payments.
  • Management of expenses.


Salesforce is a straightforward, safe, flexible, and secure payroll program for all organizations. The software helps entrepreneurs to set up the payslips to meet their needs. The payroll software can help to speed up the processing process and detect any mistakes or arrears with ease.

In addition, it has effective cybersecurity to ensure your data’s sensitive information is secure, so you don’t need to purchase a heavy IT infrastructure. It provides you with precise specific information on your data, allowing you to make intelligent decisions about their processes. Salesforce offers an employee self-service kiosk where employees can be able to update and access the data themselves.


  • Information and company structure.
  • Participation by GPS.
  • Module for holidays and leave.
  • Configuration of the Leave policy.
  • The module for payroll and compliance.
  • Investment and taxation.
  • Advances in salary and loans.
  • Automatic calculation of payroll.
  • Asset management.
  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Integration with the HR Software or SFA.


The spine is an HR management system with an integrated payroll module to make payroll and HR processes easier. It is a fully adaptable software that lets users set up the system to meet your requirements.

Spine HR software includes the most up-to-date tools that aid HR personnel in completing their duties. Additionally, it handles the payroll and expenses with precision to prevent the possibility of cash loss.


  • Dashboard.
  • HRIS.
  • Pay structures.
  • Management leave.
  • Compliance with the law.
  • Loan management.
  • Budgeting.
  • Analytics and reports.


Zimyo is an employee payroll program that centralizes all HR and payroll functions in a single system. Furthermore, this software includes artificial intelligence integrated into it to take strategic actions and take decision-making.

Zimyo can digitally automate the entire human resources department and turn all your processes paperless. The software will assist reduce the chances of errors, ensure a happy employees and stop cash leaks. In addition, it automatizes many of the tasks to cut the cost of operations significantly.


  • Compliances.
  • Compensation and bonuses.
  • Calculation of salary.
  • Prerequisites, loans, as well as advances.
  • Expenses.
  • Invoices.

10 Zoho people:

Zoho People is among the most popular software for payroll and HR that companies can modify to suit their requirements. Human resource and payroll processes are time-consuming, complex, and tiring.

Zoho People is an all-inclusive HR payroll software that can simplify and automate complicated HR processes. This means that your HR staff will have more time to focus on other important tasks, such as recruiting and onboarding, as well as performance management, and more.


  • Attendance tracker.
  • Time off for management.
  • Timesheets.
  • Self-service for employees.
  • Processing payroll.
  • Tax management.
  • Management of performance.
  • Management of compliance.

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