Best practices for the most successful live stream: Instagram Live


Instagram Live: Best practices for the most successful live stream


We’re social beings, so it’s no surprise to learn that Instagram Live usage jumped by 70% in March during the peak of the quarantine. Although the pandemic certainly contributed to driving these numbers, it’s not the only cause.

Many people enjoy being present on a live stream and watching the action unfold, particularly about brands. 82% of people prefer live videos from brands over posts on social media. In addition, 80% of consumers would choose to view live videos from a company rather than read the blog.

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It’s the right time to let brands take to live broadcasting on Instagram. However, you need to know more about a great live stream than what’s apparent and so keep reading to find out how to master Instagram Live each time.


Seven essential steps for a successful Instagram Live

You can get the most value from your live broadcasts and make sure they go as smoothly as you canby following these steps each time you broadcast live.


  1. Change your settings


Open Instagram Stories and swipe to “Live” mode to access your Instagram Live settings. Tap the wheel icon at the upper left of your screen, as shown below.

From this page, you can determine who can view Your Instagram Stories and live broadcasts and determine who you can block Your Stories from. 

Live on Instagram

From this page, you can determine who can view the content of your Instagram Stories and live broadcasts and choose who you can block the Stories from. You can also decide the people who can reply to your broadcasts and stories and select the method you’d like to save them automatically.

Then, choose “Comments” and then turn “Hide offensive comments ” to “On.” You can also turn on “Manual filter” and enter an array of terms or phrases you’d like to hide from Instagram to block them from appearing.


Instagram Live

Then, click “Comments” and then turn “Hide offensive comments ” to “On.” You can also switch on “Manual filter” and enter an array of keywords or phrases you’d like to hide from Instagram to block them from appearing.

 In the above example, the account has stated that posts that include “bad customer service” and “too expensive” be filtered out.


  1. Create a strategy

Determine the goal of the live broadcast. Write down what you are planning to discuss and highlight any critical issues to be covered.

Although you don’t require any actual documents to study from, you’ll need an outline of your strategy to keep on the right track and ensure you don’t miss the importance of a topic.

For instance, if you’re conducting an online Q&A session that people have asked questions about, ensure that you have a list of queries prepared. If you’re planning a product launch, you should ensure that you have the key aspects you’d like to highlight.

Also, include a call to action at the end of your show. Inviting viewers to go to your site, buy a product, or even leave a comment is possible.


  1. Make preparations for the program

The first step is to determine where the broadcast will be made from. Find a quiet spot free of distractions and with an uncluttered background that won’t distract from the message. You should then check the signal strength or the WiFi connection for the lighting and sound.

It is possible to take a video test to ensure the quality is satisfactory and that everything runs without a hitch from a technological point of view.


  1. Advertise your event

You can ensure a high attendance by notifying your followers of the time you will go live.

You can mention the broadcast on the feed of your Instagram feed, share it on your Stories or even advertise the broadcast outside of Instagram by putting it in an email. Like Lively and Lively, certain brands have dedicated an Instagram highlight advertising live events, so users remain informed and never miss an event.

If you’ll be hosting live Q&As, it is also possible to invite your followers to ask questions check now before the time so that you can provide viewers with precisely what they need when they watch.


  1. Allow viewers to have time to watch

Don’t immediately begin your show. Instead, wait time for additional people to watch.

 Certain brands accomplish this with the brand’s logo on a screen held until the broadcast starts. In contrast, others might welcome viewers and engage in small conversation during the initial few minutes.


  1. Engage viewers

Broadcasting live on Instagram Live allows you to engage with your followers and assist them in building a stronger relationship with your company.

This can be done by pressing to send them a “wave” as they join the show, asking viewers to provide feedback, responding to the viewers’ questions, and acknowledging their comments when they appear.

Remember that new viewers may arrive at any time during your broadcast, so it is essential to remind them of the goal of the broadcast.


  1. Be authentic

You might have put in lots of preparation work before your live broadcast, but remember that you don’t have any preparations during your live broadcast.

Most importantly, show who you are and allow viewers to get to know the individual (or individuals) who are behind your brand. Relax, be accurate and enjoy yourself!


Eight common Instagram Live questions were answered

Many Instagram Live features can make your viewers more comfortable while making live streaming easier for you.


How do you pin comments to Instagram Live?

It’s crucial to learn the best way to save comments to Instagram Live because you can use it to describe what your live broadcast is all about. Like it was done by Bon Appetit in the instance above.

To pin a message, begin by pressing “Comment” at the bottom of your screen and typing your message. Then, tap on the comment and select “Pin Comment” to keep the comment permanently visible for other users to see.


How do I remove comments from Instagram Live?

After you’ve started your broadcast After you’ve finished your broadcast, you can disable commenting for Instagram Live by tapping the three vertical dots in the comment box at the lower right of the screen. Then select “Turn Off Commenting.”


How can you stop requests from being live with you?

You can disable requests for live streaming with you in the same way that you disable commenting for Instagram Live.

When you’ve begun broadcasting, press the three vertical dots in the comment box at the lower right of the screen. Select “Turn Off Requests To Go Live.”


How do you assess the amount of Instagram Live views?

After you’ve been alive, you’ll be able to see how many viewers are in the upper right of the display. This number can change as viewers are removed from the broadcast.


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