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Kalsubai Peak is a very talked-about trek within the Sahyadri region. It’s the very best peak in Maharashtra at 5,400 ft and is well accessible from Pune. The trek offers a wide-ranging combination of natural environments like waterfalls, forests, grasslands, and historic forts

Village activities. 

The Kalsubai Temple at the summit of the height attracts folks from the near villages throughout the year. It’s believed that a young village lady named Kalsubai, lived within the mountains. Throughout that point, she cured villagers and animals, and conjointly helped in village activities.

At some unspecified time in the future, she left for the summit and never came back. Thus in her memory, a little temple was designed at her home on the slope, and therefore, the main Kalsubai temple was designed on the height.


It is believed by the native villagers that a maidservant residing in an exceedingly near village had disappeared close to the mountain whereas, attempting to flee her employer’s harsh suffering. This offers the mountain its gift name furthermore as a reason for this temple to be in-built her memory.

Begin your trek 

Begin your trek at the bottom, Bari Gaon, a little village at the foothill of the Kalsubai Mountain. The village is home to a Hanuman Temple that attracts heaps of devotees and conjointly is a significant landmark for trekkers.

Your trek can begin late at nighttime, thus check that you just carry all the mandatory instrumentation like torches, slip-resistant footwear, etc. though it might be a moderate-grade trek, be cautious of slopes and rocky patches, particularly throughout rains, so, you don’t lose balance.

Iron ladders and railings across

Iron ladders and railings across vertical slopes would be available in handy after you try to succeed at the highest. Reaching the highest of height needs an honest quantity of dedication that pays off after you get the ‘on top of the world’ feeling.

Watch the morning sun rays fill this deserted place with orange hues & build everlasting reminiscences by clicking some breath-taking pictures. This 2-day trek can offer you the associated journey, you may always remember. I love the time that you just pay and have unforgettable expertise. 

Trek Itinerary: 

On the first day of the trek, you may get ready for Kalsubai Trek from the city. Catch a neighborhood train to Kasara from. Upon reaching, leave for city Gaon via native transport. When you reach the bottom village, fancy a delicious dinner and start the Kalsubai Night trek.

The night trek would be a spectacular experience in itself, as you view the celebs and realize your method through the iron ladders at steep slopes and rocky terrains. The low visibility, and quiet surroundings at night-time, build it even tougher. 

After you reach the highest of height early within the morning, a wonderful sunrise can welcome you, followed by a flag hoisting ceremony. Feel on prime of the planet as you get a picturesque read of the nearby mountain ranges from Kalsubai, the very best peak in Maharashtra.

Break of dawn marks

The break of dawn marks the top of your trek & you may get enough time to relax within the lap of nature. Find out about the history of this peak and visit the Kalsubai Mata temple to hunt blessings. At 7:30 am, begin your descent towards the bottom village, post breakfast. Head back to Kasara station when reaching the village and catch a train to the urban center. 

One may even see the galaxy with their naked eyes, and spot various stars and galaxies that area unit visible from the town. For all photography lovers, you may be able to take some killer star-trails and galaxy photos. It’s going to be a treat for your lenses. 

Why It’s an essential Visit:

It’s the perfect destination for vacation owing to the city village, it’s a farming village, from the beginning of the trek the walk is through intensive fields and farming land. This can be the simplest part of the trek and is a simple gratifying walk.

The second factor is the Kalsubai temple is taken into account auspicious and plenty of villagers still visit the temple to hunt the blessings of Kalsubai Devi.

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