Leh Ladakh Tour: Things to Remember

Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh tour is a dream destination for every traveler and rider. Most people plan to visit this place all around the year, especially during the summer months. But there is no such restriction and you can also travel in the winter months keeping in mind the coldness and the resilience you have.

There are mainly three ways that you can choose from, in order to reach Ladakh. One is via bike and most of the people do the bike ride in a circuit format by covering the entire Jammu to Ladakh and from there to Manali and then Delhi. The second one is via the air route and there is an airport that is located in Leh,

where you can land. But if you are choosing the air route then you must give a day for your acclimatization in Ladakh. You may not be required to stay for a day if you travel by car or bike because you gradually gain height and not all of a sudden like the air route. And the third one is traveling by train but this is the least taken route as you will be traveling in an incessant manner. But before traveling to Ladakh here are some of the things that you must remember, which also become crucial during your Leh Ladakh trip.

Things to take care

If you are traveling on a bike then you must make sure that your toolkit, along with the puncture kit and inflator, is perfectly fit so that it can address all the problems of the bike. Apart from the bike toolkit you can wear gloves and protect your knees with the guards while driving. You also need to make sure that you always keep the fuel tank full. If you travel along Manali you cannot find petrol filling stations for a long distance.

So for this, you can take Leh Ladakh jerry tanks for some extra fuel. You must also carry some warm clothes, thermals, waterproof jackets, flip-flops, shoes and a few pairs of socks. You must also get a postpaid sim that has a good network connection so that you can stay connected.    


While going for a bike trip to Ladakh and for that matter to any place good health and fitness are important only if you have good health you can enjoy the place to its maximum level. If you have the problem of breathlessness then you can carry small oxygen cylinders along with you and this can become handy when you travel to Khardungla Pass where most people feel altitude sickness along with breathlessness.

You can also keep a box of chocolates with you that can help you to control your breathing problem. While traveling in Ladakh, eating healthy food is also important, you can prefer to eat fruits and dry fruits along with the light meal that you take. 

Keep offline maps

This is important because you may not know when your mobile will be down. There may be times when you cannot find the charging slots for your mobile. So it would be that you take the offline maps of the important places that you wanted to visit during Leh Ladakh the trip. If you do not have such a facility, then you can always rely on locals for directions, which would actually be authentic as maps sometimes may not show accurate information. 

Keep your ID proofs with you

You will be required to get permission at a few places in order to cross the area. For example, you will be required to show the permits at North and South Pullu. So it would be very convenient if you have multiple of them so that you can have a hassle-free journey. 

Keep enough cash with you

Though you may get the cashless transactions at the fuel stations if there is no network available then it becomes difficult to pay. So it would be better to keep some liquid cash with you that can be used during an emergency. 

If you are traveling in a car with a group 

Not everyone is interested in traveling by bike and few also go by car. If you are going in a car, then you must ensure that at least 2 of the people in the car are skilled drivers so that you can drive in any road condition as most of them are single-line roads. This you can witness especially in Changla, which is on the way to Pangong Lake from Leh. 

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