Misspelling Common Myths Concerning STDs

Are you aware of the consequences of unprotected sex? Babies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are two possible consequences. For the former, many people use birth control methods, especially if they do not intend to extend their family. However, less caution is taken when it comes to the prevention of STDs.

More often, many people go untested against these diseases. As such, it is high time to change this trend, especially if you fall in the bracket of sexually active individuals. Considering Hackensack STD testing at least once yearly to check whether you have diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis will go a long way in keeping your sexual health in check. The following myths concerning STDs should never hold you as you seek these tests.

STDs Only Affect People With Many sexual Partners

You have likely heard some people claiming that STDs only affect individuals with many sexual partners. Individuals with multiple relationships are indeed more predisposed to STDs. However,  persons in a single-partner relationship can also get these diseases.

Further, individuals having sex for the first time can also get STDs. Whether you are rich or poor, these infections do not discriminate. The best thing to do is to avoid any sexual contact as possible.

All Contraception Techniques Prevent STD Transmission

Many claim you are free from STDs using any birth control method. However, this is far from the reality. Condom is the only contraception method that can prevent STDs.

Whether you use pills or even IUD, you should always use condoms. However, it would help if you remembered that condoms are not a hundred percent effective. They may not cover other skin parts in your genitals, thus exposing you to STDs.

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You Can Get STDs From the Toilet

Imagining all sorts of people using public toilet seats can be mysterious. One thing that will linger in your mind is about catching STDs from those seats. While it is true that these seats comprise different nastiness, you cannot get STDs from them.

STDs usually transmit when you get in contact with infected body fluids. The viruses in these fluids do not survive for long outside the human body. However, it would help if you always sterilized toilet seats to avoid other diseases like pubic lice.

Chlorine Kills STDs

Myths Concerning Do you participate in swimming activities? Perhaps you have noticed that the water in the swimming pool is highly chlorinated. Chlorine solution in these public spaces usually kills germs and bacteria.

Hepatitis A and E are water diseases that chlorine helps suppress. You may think that the same concept can apply to preventing STDs. However, chlorine solutions cannot get rid of STDs.

All STDs Have Symptoms

Myths Concerning You may think that you will always know that you have STDs. However, knowing whether you or your partner is infected is not always possible. After infections, some STDs can last for years without showing symptoms.

Other STDs like chlamydia do not show any symptoms upon infection. Always consider STD testing even if everything is okay down there. Be sure to seek these tests together with your partner.

Sexually transmitted diseases are more common than you think. Unprotected sex is the leading cause of these diseases. Despite the prevalence of these diseases, people continue to misunderstand STDs.

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They associate STDs with trashy people, not knowing that these diseases do not discriminate. Further, people think all STDs exhibit symptoms, but that is not always the case. Therefore, if you are sexually active, you should seek STD testing more often.

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