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There’s a wealth of background history to film posters and movie poster collecting. Jules Cheret, who created two movie posters in the 1890’s Movie Poster Collecting was the person who received credit for the initial movie posters. movie tavern exton  At the close of early 1900’s, films were becoming a popular source of entertainment for the public. At this point the poster for a movie was to become the standard size, known as the single sheet that measured 27″ x 41″.

In the beginning the names of actors weren’t included on posters, something that the studios in film liked since it meant that actors were paid less. In this early stage of film history however, that film studios realized that movie stars were as much an attraction to moviegoers as the film itself. The cinema star emerged and movie posters started to display actors’ names as well as titles of each film.

Through the 1920’s silent film era

was in its prime film posters began to become more stunning and artistic and talented artists were employed by film studios to create portraits of celebrities for posters. In the 1920s, movie posters were more sharp thanks to a revolutionary printing technique developed through Morgan Litho Company. Morgan Litho Company.

in the 30’s which was known in the 1930’s as “The Golden Age of Movies” Another type of movie posters was developed The half-sheet. Movies with major budgets would usually receive more than two types. Due to the recession, a lot of films were produced at a lower cost, leading to the quality of movie posters.

The beginning of World War II in 1941 saw many movie stars heading to fight and war was the main subject of films at the period. The movie industry cut its advertising costs and utilized poster paper that was cheaper because of the paper shortage during the wartime.

The 1970s saw the first time that movie posters

utilized photography, and sometimes drawings and painting styles. Film posters of the time were printed on clay-coated paperthat gave the posters a glossy appearance. Star Wars and Star Trek posters were among the most well-known posters of the day and are still coveted by many.

In the 1980’s time of special effects blockbusters The mini sheet was created, and video stores were well-known, and the poster for video stores was invented. Today, reprints and reprints of movie posters are produced in large quantities and are sold in a variety of stores , or are just an easy click away on the Internet.There are many kinds of posters for movies. Due to their rarity, the avid collector of movie posters has focused on movie posters and theater artwork. The posters are distributed and displayed in movie theaters only to be destroyed. Another type of movie posters is the commercial one, that is produced in mass quantities in direct sales to the general public. Video posters are sold to video rental stores as advertisements.

 Television and cable posters are utilized as promotional materials

for TV stations to promote their programs. Similar to the art of theater videos, posters for video TV posters aren’t made for the general public. While not as valuable as art from theater These types of posters remain popular with collectors. Promotional posters that advertise a film or an item. There are also commemorative issues and limited editions and special releases that are made available in small quantities and are earning popularity with the theater art collector. Other kinds of movie posters are advance posters that advertise the movie prior to the release date of the film. The award poster signifies that the film has been awarded the Academy award. A combo-style poster which advertises two films rather than just one. The most well-known double-sided poster includes artwork across both sides and illustrations reversed onto the opposite aspect of the poster.

The popularity of movie posters

has come the need to come up with different size posters. The most commonly used poster is the single sheet, which usually measures 27″ x 41″. The subway, often referred to as the two sheet is bigger, but not exactly twice the size of the single sheet. Three times bigger than the single sheet which measures 41″ x 81″. It is 6 times larger than the single sheet that measures the size of 81″ x 81″. The 12 sheet that is approximately 12 times the size of single sheet. And the massive size 24 sheet, measuring 246″ x by 108″.

As with all collectibles the condition is an important consideration in determining the value of posters.  Collectors of posters use the same system of grade used by collectors of comic books Mint (perfect) close to mint, excellent fair, good and poor.

For those who wish to become serious collectors of movie posters You will need to learn a few things about taking good care of the movie posters.

Strategies to preserve the value of film posters
Do not alter the look of posters. Don’t fold or bend it, tear it, or make holes in it before you place it on the wall.

Never place a movie poster in direct sunlight. UV light can cause harm.

Don’t write anything on your poster, even the back. The marks on the back could sometimes be visible from the opposite side and can devalue the poster’s worth.

Do not apply tape to the poster’s front even to fix tears. If you decide to employ tape, you should make sure you use acid-free tape at an art supply store and stick it on its back of the poster. For more expensive movie posters, go to a professional who will have it restored.

For shipping posters, use large poster tubes and bubble envelopes.
For storage that lasts for long periods Frame, hang or put the poster inside a plastic tube or bag and store it in a dry, cool climate.

When framing a poster , do not dry-mount it, and make sure you use an acid-free backing board.

Now that you’ve learned something regarding movie posters as well as poster collecting, get going and begin collecting Read more


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