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I started to learn about the PMP when I was browsing job websites and many of the job requirements stated that “PMP certification is preferred”.So I hoped that I could broaden my career path by studying PMP. As an IT project implementation consultant, the concept of project management has always been a part of allmy work. After enrolling in the PMP course, I felt that the tuition and examination fees were not spent in vain and that the content I learned could be validated in practice, complementing other contents.

I would like to talk about my preparation experience of three months. First of all, I would like to thank the class teacher of  SPOTO, the main lecturer and my enthusiastic classmates for their guidance during the learning process. Because at the first time I read the PMBOK 6th edition, I really felt that it was very rigid.And many proper nouns passed through my mind without leaving much impression.So I recommend watching the teaching video of the SPOTO once.And then start reading them. (Of course, you can also not read them page by page. I use it as a dictionary to check when I encounter problems). The videos of the SPOTO are humorous and funny.And the voice is very penetrating. Watching them every day when you take the underground will give you a different understanding and insight.The breakthrough learning mode allows you to consolidate the learning content of the current module through post-lesson exercises.The six mock exams and two thematic training sessions allow you to cover all the difficult points and exams.

Secondly, here is a brief description of my learning journey. After watching the teaching videos, I started spending time on the questions and reading the book. In the process of finishing the questions, I would find out which knowledge points I had not mastered firmly, and then go through the corresponding contents of the PMBOK and the teaching videos.Every day, I would go through the “fifteen supreme diagrams” in my mind so that I could grasp the general framework well.And I could follow the details of the knowledge points. I would review the wrong questions, and record the points that I thought were difficult to master in the review process before the exam. I reviewed the wrong questions of the model exam and the lecture videos of the SPOTO.In the six model exams, I could also feel my small progress shown in my grades.They are 112, 122, 130, 135, 132 and 135.Although my grade did not break through 140, it did not affect the final grade of 5A. Three months of study time also consistsof a stressful job and a gap time study.It will be more difficult indeed.But please believe that you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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Finally, I wish all the PMP candidates of SPOTO can pass once and for all!

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