Procedures That General Surgeons Perform

Unlike specialized surgeons, you can consider general surgeons jacks of all trades. They are highly knowledgeable in physiology, anatomy, pathology, nutrition, immunology, and wound healing. That means they can treat diseases affecting the head, abdomen, breast, blood vessels, and digestive tract. Lenox hill surgeons llp has a huge team of general surgeons, so you can be sure they will address any problem you have effectively.

Surgical procedures have different names depending on where the surgeons are operating. Are you ready to learn about them? Here they are as follows.

Colectomy Surgeons Perform

In this procedure, your doctor removes the entire colon once it stops working. You can also go for this surgery if you have cancers that medications cannot treat. If your surgeon uses minimally-invasive methods like robotic or laparoscopic surgery, your recovery time will be shorter (less than six weeks).

After your surgery, you may spend 2-7 days in the hospital. During your stay, your surgeon will check for any signs of complications and feed you a liquid or soft diet. Before discharging you, they will counsel you on wounds, ostomy, and diet care.

Hernia Repair Surgery

One form of surgery that surgeons may use is open hernia repair surgery. In this method, the doctor makes incisions in the groin and locates the hernia. Next, they push it back into the abdomen. After your surgery, you cannot engage in strenuous activities for six weeks.

The other method they can use is laparoscopic surgery. Here, the surgeon makes an incision at the belly button and inserts a laparoscope. Since the machine has a camera, the doctor can see your organs through a projector. That allows them to access the hernia easily.

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Liver Surgery

In this procedure, the doctor removes part of your liver, sometimes two-thirds. The portion they remove depends on how much your liver disease has affected you. You can also do this surgery to donate part of your liver to someone in need.

After the surgery, you will experience soreness and fatigue, which should disappear after two weeks. While at home, you will need to take it easy so that your incisions heal. Meanwhile, your doctor will tell you when to resume sex or alcohol (if you take it).

Endocrine Surgery Surgeons Perform

This surgery removes part or all of a diseased gland responsible for secreting various hormones. Before doing the surgery, there are tests surgeons must perform. These exams will help them determine the size and location of the gland, the health of vocal cords, and the presence of cancer cells if any.

Once the procedure is done, your surgeon will send tissue from your diseased gland to the lab for a biopsy. The findings help them determine whether or not you need further treatment. If the tissues contain cancerous cells, you may require radioiodine therapy.


You should go for this procedure if you exhibit signs of appendicitis. Its symptoms include loss of appetite, sudden pain around your navel, constipation, and pain that worsens when you cough or walk. If you delay treatment, pockets of pus may form in the abdomen and cause infection.

At home, your abdominal muscles may ache. You may be hasty and buy aspirin, but it only promotes bleeding. Instead, take only medications as prescribed by your doctor.

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General surgeons wear many hats, but we should also tell you what they may not do. They cannot operate on nerve tissue or the brain. Also, they do not fix orthopedic injuries, unless in some cases. Even if you consult them, they will redirect you to the appropriate doctor.

You do not need to visit a general surgeon when you are sick. Sometimes, you may not be happy with your breasts and need some modifications. General surgeons can assist you with your problem, so you can rely on them to beautify your appearance.

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