Prolotherapy in Minneapolis MN: Getting Long-Term Relief from Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common in adults. It can usually develop after an injury or car accident. But lower back pain can also take place due to aging and natural spine wear and tear. Also, it can result from arthritis, spinal disc injuries, and structural issues. This pain can range in severity and can usually affect your daily life. Thankfully, minneapolis mn prolotherapy can effectively reduce pain in the lower back and promote spinal health. 

What to Know About Prolotherapy

This innovative treatment targets joint and muscle pain. The injected saline or sugar substances serve as irritants that cause the transport of immune cells to the area where pain is felt. Such immune cells initiate the natural healing cycle of the body, repairing soft tissue problems. 

Prolotherapy treatments can improve your mobility, function, and joint stability while reducing your pain. They are usually given to help relieve painful symptoms due to tendon injuries, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, and sports-related injuries. This non-surgical treatment can promote healing and help with joint repair and strengthening. It corrects pain and other symptoms at the source, giving you long-term relief.

Prolotherapy for Lower Back Pain

People who have pain in the lower back can benefit from prolotherapy. Physicians use this treatment to minimize discomfort, strengthen the joints and tendons, as well as restore the back’s mobility and normal function. Also, it can decrease the chances of pain recurring at the treatment site. Prolotherapy is often used for treating arthritis and tendinitis. Also, it can benefit patients with degenerative disc disease and meniscus tears. 

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If you have lower back pain, get an accurate diagnosis. The cause of your back pain must be determined to make sure prolotherapy is good for you. Although symptoms of lower back pain vary, relief for acute pain is achieved within a few weeks even if you do not receive professional treatment. Lower back pain is considered chronic if the symptoms last at least twelve weeks. 

Usually, prolotherapy is used as a complementary treatment. It is administered along with spinal manipulation and cortisone injections. But this treatment may not benefit some patients. A medical evaluation is important to know if it’s right for you.  Your doctor will also determine the specific cause of your lower back pain. They will focus on treating this cause to get rid of your pain. Prolotherapy helps you gain back your mobility and restore your life without dealing with lower back pain. 

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