Questions and answers about children’s bicycle 20-inch

Which manufacturers are there?

Below you will find a list of the most famous manufacturers and brands to simplify the search for the best children’s bike 20-inch:









Is there already a children’s bike 20-inch test from Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, diamondback clarity 1 price there is no test for children’s bicycles-20-inch yet. Accordingly, we can not give you a suitable test winner for the 20 inch children’s bicycles. In general, however, you will find a lot of information about the bicycle on the website. So you can find test reports on bicycle helmets and other protective clothing. There are also tips for planning bike tours.


Important is the information on the right cycling in road traffic. In some cases, for example, a lack of bicycle lighting can lead to high fines. Ökotest also does not yet have a special test for the 20-inch children’s bikes, but a lot of information about wheels, bicycle tires and other products.


Tip: If your child did not drive to an ADAC practice area at school to learn the rule of road traffic, be sure to do so. Among other things, there are beautiful online programs and videos that offer a child-friendly explanation for the right behavior in road traffic.


For what age is the Galano FS180 children’s bike suitable?

This 20-inch children’s bike is best suited for a height between 120 and 135 cm. This allows children from the age of six to make good use of the bike.


Is the Galano G200 children’s bike equipped with gear shifting?

The Model of Galano is equipped with seven gears. If you buy the 20-inch children’s bike, gradients are therefore also easy to manage.

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What is the size of the Ollo Premium children’s bike?

The wheel with 8-speed gearshift has a size of 20 inches and is suitable for about 6 years.


Can the handlebars of the Timson action bike be adjusted?

With this children’s bike, both the handlebars and the saddle can be adapted to the size of the child.


What kind of brake does the Löwenrad children’s bike have?

The Löwenrad children’s bike is equipped with a coaster brake. This is easy to handle and offers a high degree of security.


Does the Actionbike come with a children’s bike with 20-inch training wheels? 

And if not – to what heights can you adjust the saddle?

Training wheels are only included in this action bike children’s bike on the models with 12 and 16 inches. But you can adjust the seat height from 49 cm – 57 cm. The handlebar is also height-adjustable.


What material is the frame of the Actionbike Daisy made of?

The Actionbikes Daisy has a steel frame and is equipped with a practical luggage rack and bicycle basket.


What kind of brake does the Amigo children’s bike have?

The Amigo children’s bike is equipped with a child-friendly braking system. The rear wheel has a coaster brake, on the front wheel is an Alu V-Brake brake from RADIUS mounted.


For what age is the Royal Baby children’s bike recommended?

The Royal Baby children’s bike is ideal for children aged 3-12 years.


In the description for the Licorne Bike Guide Premium children’s bike it says that it has a braking system called Linear Pull. What is that? And does the bike have a coaster brake?

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Linear pull brakes are also called V-brakes and are rim brakes. men hybride bikes these are suitable for everyday use on the road and have the advantage that they are inexpensive and robust, but still lightweight. If you want to use the Licorne Bike more as a mountain bike, disc brakes are more suitable. The bike does not have a coaster brake.


What grades did the individual children’s bicycles 20 inches receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal children’s bike 20 inch test winner from the following list:


First place – good: Scrawler 153K from KS Cycling – exemplary Internet price: 210 Euro

Second place – good: Youth bike from BIKESTAR – exemplary Internet price: 215 Euro

Third place – good: Actionbikes Daisy from Actionbikes – exemplary Internet price: 160 Euro

Fourth place – good: Actionbikes Timson from Actionbikes – exemplary Internet price: 140 Euro

Fifth place – good: Children’s bike 24 inches from Ollo – exemplary Internet price: 599 Euro

Sixth place – very good: Löwenrad children’s bike from LÖWENRAD – exemplary Internet price: 170 Euro

Seventh place – very good: RoyalBaby Freestyle BMX children’s bike from RoyalBaby – exemplary internet price: 219 Euro

Eighth place – very good: Actionbikes children’s bike PR0018549-01 from Actionbikes Motors – exemplary Internet price: 140 Euro

Ninth place – very good: Children’s bike 20 inches from Royal Baby – exemplary Internet price: 250 Euro

Tenth place – very good: FS180 children’s bike from Galano – exemplary Internet price: 199 Euro


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The list shows: Of the total of 11 different manufacturers, the children’s bicycles divide 20 inches into 9 “very good” children’s bicycles 20 inches and 5 “good” children’s bicycles 20 inches. The comparison winner Scrawler 153K from KS Cycling received the best award among all grades in the ranking and at the same time costs only 209.99 euros.


The children’s bicycles 20 inch manufacturer Galano sets up with 3 products the most children’s bicycles 20 inches in the comparison table to the children’s bicycles 20 inch comparison.


Which manufacturers did the editors compare and evaluate in the children’s bicycles 20-inch comparison?

In the children’s bicycles 20 inch comparison, we present you 14 different products from 11 different manufacturers. Use our table to see which children’s bike 20 inches convinced the editors the most.


Within which, price category is the children’s bicycles 20 inches from the children’s bicycles 20 inch comparison?

The children’s bicycles 20 inches in the children bicycle 20 inch comparison can be classified into three different categories: From the most expensive product for 599.00 euros to the middle price range of 225.78 euros to the cheap product for 139.99 euros, we have selected various children’s bicycles 20 inches for you.


Which children’s bike 20 inches received the best customer rating overall?


The children’s bike 24 inches from Ollo was not only particularly positively noticed by our editors but was also rated above average by customers with 5.0.


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