Reasons to Build a Split Level Home

Split Level

Split-level houses are dwellings with two distinct floors. This style of home is commonly seen in locations with a lot of slope in the landscape. A split-level residence often has two storeys, one above ground and one underneath. These homes are often built on big parcels of land.
Hamlan Homes split-level homes resemble single-story residences except for the additional set of stairs leading up to the second storey. 

Split-level homes were popular in Australia in the late 1970s. Split-level homes are frequently utilized to avoid having to build a basement. They do not require the construction of a foundation wall since they are constructed at the angle of the ground. 

The staggered floor level and two short sets of steps trends are now popular in the Australian new house building business. This is because more and more individuals are finding the advantages of this construction type. People appreciate the thought of not getting filthy feet when walking about the house. They value the adaptability of living areas. Most significantly, they love the flexibility of moving about freely while still maintaining privacy. 

That is why an increasing number of individuals prefer to acquire split-level homes over standard residences. 

Design that is one-of-a-kind 

This project is unique in that it is created around the sloping character of the terrain. This implies that depending on where you reside, the house is designed differently. Each home is adapted to the slope and size of the block. As a consequence, each time, a highly distinct yet functional design is produced. 

The living room, dining room, and kitchen are the three primary sections of the house. Sliding doors divide these rooms. When the doors are closed, they separate the areas and create the illusion of a third room. There is no wall behind the door in reality. This provides a continuous flow throughout the home. 

Optimization of space 

A split-level home makes the most of the available space on your land. This allows you to construct from the inside out. Split levels are ideal because they enhance living space while taking up less floor space. A split-level home usually has a main level and a basement.

The kitchen, dining room, family room, master bedroom, bathroom(s), laundry, and other amenities are located on the main floor. A play area, utility/laundry room, storage rooms, and other amenities are common in basements.

A split-level home provides you with alternatives in addition to optimizing the amount of space available. You have the option of building a single-story house or adding an additional floor to it. You could, for example, extend the second floor into a third storey to create a tri-level residence. Alternatively, you might increase the footprint of the construction by adding on to the side of an existing structure. 

Another advantage of a split-level house is that it allows for a variety of landscaping alternatives. Depending on your budget, you can plant trees, bushes, flowers, grass, or even water features around the front and sides of your house. 

The solution that is inexpensive 

Many individuals are still perplexed about the advantages of creating a split-level house. Indeed, there are several reasons why you should choose this design over others. For starters, when it comes to purchasing a home, the cost-effectiveness of this form of building makes it one of the most popular among homeowners. 

While most homes are constructed around square footage, this does not always imply that they must be large. Split levels are an excellent method to optimize space while maintaining comfort. They let you add extra living areas, such as bedrooms or guest rooms while maintaining a compact overall footprint. This not only makes finding a space for everything easier, but it also helps you to save money on utilities such as gas or electricity. 

And, because you won’t have to construct costly plumbing systems, you’ll wind up saving thousands of dollars in the long run. You may believe that the cost of purchasing a split-level home is prohibitive, but it really works to your advantage. When the expenses of building a standard home vs a split level are compared, the latter is significantly less expensive. 

Beautiful scenery 

To take advantage of the surrounding vistas, a split-level home can be created. This style of home combines the best of both worlds: seclusion and security while allowing natural light to fill the interior. There are several ways to make your design stand out from the crowd with a view. If you live near water, you may build a huge deck or patio area with views of the lake, river, or ocean. If you want to look down on the landscape, you may build a balcony from which you can watch the seasons change. 

But what if you don’t have a point of view? A split-level home might still benefit you since it provides you alternatives. A split-level house can be arranged to include a bedroom on one side and living space on the other. Alternatively, you might put the bedrooms on different sides of the home.  


There are numerous alternatives available if you are searching for a new house, whether it be a starter home, a condo, or even a custom-made home. However, one alternative that has recently gained favour is the split-level home. A split-level home allows homeowners to create a one-of-a-kind home while still reaping the benefits of a typical home. In addition to having many storeys, these dwellings have some benefits over standard residences.

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