Risks and Consequences of Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving while intoxicated is extremely risky and incredibly irresponsible for a person to do. Deciding to get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol content above the limit endangers the driver and any pedestrians or other drivers. There are numerous risks and consequences for those who drive while drunk. 


Those who drive drunk and make it home without any incident may think they can get away with it since they make it home, but just because they made it home that one time does not guarantee the next time will have the same result.

When someone gets behind the wheel while impaired, they have a more challenging time making decisions and have poor judgment. Alcohol clouds a person’s judgment to the point where bad decisions are made that are regretted in the morning. This can also lead to distraction while driving. There is also a slowed reaction time, a lack of coordination, and a decrease in their vision which is not ideal while operating a vehicle.

One more evident and severe risk is the increased chance of getting into an accident. Even with all the warnings, people still drive behind the wheel while intoxicated and get into accidents. There is also the risk of getting pulled over and a citation for a DWI, leading to legal ramifications. 


Driving while drunk is a crime and one that can lead to a variety of consequences. There are a lot of legal consequences that may lead to the driver being imprisoned and needing to get a DWI bail bonds MN to cover bail money.

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Drunk drivers also have to deal with various fines and lose their licenses. Their vehicle could also be impounded and their license plate confiscated. They could also agree to go to a mandatory alcohol abuse treatment program, and their sobriety may be monitored and evaluated.

These certain freedoms taken away are nothing compared to the consequences they could face if they got into an accident and injured themselves or injured someone else. The physical consequences that could happen are not worth it—getting into an accident. At the same time, being drunk can cause paralysis, brain damage, and death not only for the one driving drunk but also for anyone else involved in the accident. The emotional burden of harming another person because of the choice to drive impaired can be immense for someone.

The risks and consequences of driving while drunk is not worth it. No matter what, the best choice is always to not get behind the wheel. 

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