Rockford auto accident: Check the Illinois laws

Rockford auto accident: Check the Illinois laws

More than 1,000 fatal auto accidents were reported in Illinois in 2022 alone. Because Rockford is one of the most populous cities in the state, a considerable number of serious and fatal accidents are reported here. While weather and other factors often have a dominant role, most auto accidents happen because of the driver’s fault or negligence. Thankfully, Illinois follows an at-fault system, which means that the driver responsible for the accident is responsible for the losses and injuries suffered by others. No matter the factors and circumstances, you would benefit from hiring a Rockford auto accident lawyer for your case. Below is an overview of Illinois laws for your help.

The comparative fault system

Typically, accidents on the road involve two or more vehicles, and if two drivers are found to be responsible for the same mishap, determining liability becomes complicated. In such cases, Illinois follows the modified comparative fault rule. If you were responsible for an accident and want to sue the other party for their share of the blame, you can only do this when your fault is 50% or less. Also, your fault will determine what you get for your claim.

Take this example – Let’s say you were 40% responsible for an on-road accident and managed to sue the other party for their negligence to get $1,00,000 in a settlement. As you have a share in the fault, you can only recover $60,000 as your final compensation.

Keeping up with the deadlines

If you want to file a lawsuit against the responsible party for their recklessness, you have to adhere to the statute of limitations. In Illinois, you have the following deadlines as per state laws-

  1. Filing a car accident injury lawsuit: Two years from the date of the accident
  2. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit: Two years from the date of death, which could be a later date
  3. Filing a lawsuit for vehicle damage: Five years from the date of the accident
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Call an accident lawyer

No one wants to admit that they were drunk, distracted, or didn’t care enough for on-road safety, and therefore, winning auto accident cases is never easy. If you want to get a fair settlement for your losses, make sure that you talk to an experienced accident lawyer. There are some significant law firms in Rockford, and most attorneys take a contingency fee, which is a great advantage if you are dealing with an unexpected financial crisis.

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