SEO, PPC, or both? What is right for your website?



In the world of digital marketing, SEO & PPC plays a key role as they provide you with a service that boosts your website engagement. Yes, both works are the same so sometimes the company has to choose between them which is not an easy task. Both are very good in their aspect. That’s why you have to decide which is best for your brand and what your brand needs are more beneficial. Here in this article, we try to cover all aspects from which it’s easy for you to decide whether you use SEO or you should go for PPC services.


Know About SEO


Search Engine Optimization is the process that optimizes your website so that your website will do better in digital marketing and be on top in the search engine rank. It is a technique from which your page will go on top of the list when the user searches your page’s related topics as it uses different and unique keywords for this. If you can understand the Google search engine algorithm then you will do this work better because google made a specific algorithm to give priority to the best content in the search engine. It’s always difficult to do it by yourself so we suggest you go to an agency For example if you live in Noida or have a business in Noida you can search for SEO services in Noida.  


Advantages of using SEO 


  • Credibility to an AudienceIt is more trustworthy than others as Google does its best to optimize your web pages. Many people skip the ad video so you can’t fully rely on ads but SEO gives you full support in your growth. They help you to find the best website where your brand gets a response, they use specific keywords which help to refine your category and increase your efficiency. SEO uses organic search which helps you to increase credibility to your relevant audience.
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  • Cost-effectiveIt’s an unpaid service so it’s obvious people like to use this. If you are in the beginning stage of your business then you can do it by yourself and be able to save money. In terms of CTR also it is cheaper than other ad services. You can get more clicks by using organic search than by using ads and also if you will use other services you will cost more.


Disadvantages of using SEO –


  • Improvement is slowerHere you can get your desired results instantly. It works slower than others as it’s optimising your pages by using a different process. It observes your content and then gives its best to take keywords that help the search engine to place your pages on top.

  • Time-consumingIf you want to grow instantly then you can’t use SEO as it takes months after optimization to get the desired outcome. If you use PPC then they help you to get more viewers immediately. That’s why many small companies do not like to use SEO as they don’t have enough time to wait for growth. 


Know About PPC


Pay per click, the name itself suggests their meaning. It’s a process of marketing by using an advertising campaign. If your ad gets clicked by viewers then you will be able to show your brand to the other user’s page too. Every time your ad gets clicked by viewers you have to pay for that and by using this feature the hosting website owners also get a chance of earning. So it’s a good earning process as it allows both parties to earn. The people who run your ad will also want that your ad gets clicked so they will earn by doing the advertisement. As it is a paid service, it is mainly used by big and famous companies rather than new companies. It’s too difficult to do it on my own so we suggest you use a PPC company in Noida to get better services in this field.

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Advantages of using PPC –


  • Reach Your Target AudienceBy using PPC you can reach your target audience. It provides a feature to personalize your search like you can show your ad to a specific group of people or a specific age group. From this, your efficiency will be better as you will do your ad campaign, not for all pages where you can get clicked. The viewers which don’t have any relation with your products the way you will show your ad to you so you can refine your viewers as your products categories. You can also measure how much you get in return by using PPC which helps you to do better in the future.

  • Instant ResultsIf you don’t want to wait for the results then it is the best service to use as it provides instant results. Once your ad campaign starts you are immediately able to see your page growth like more clicks, more traffic, and conversion. By using PPC you can boost your website quickly rather than using SEO services.


Disadvantages of using PPC-


  • You have to pay morePPC is called pay per click as you have to pay for better results, the more you pay the better your ad click will be. It’s not a one-time payment, you have to pay regularly according to the market demand to increase your page click. One most important thing is that you can’t do it by yourself because it needs professional services to get the desired results as they are very well known for selecting effective keywords and researching. They will help you to make your marketing better in the ad campaign.

  • Fraud clickNowadays, many owners are facing problems with fraud clicks. Many hacking tools are available in the market which helps to do fraudulent things. Some companies use damaged software to get human clicks which affects them badly but they can get paid as you can see your ad get clicked. Google is working on it and can analyze the fake clicks but still, you may face the fraud service.
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Take your own decisions: SEO or PPC?


We give our best to provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of both SEO and PPC which will help you to choose the best service in digital marketing and look for some good digital marketing agency in Noida You should decide what you want, what your expectations are, and what services your website needs to be on top in digital marketing. From our point of view, it’s best to use both services as in some cases SEO is best and, in some cases, PPC is best so if you use both services, it will increase your website traffic more rather than using one of them. It also depends upon the nature of your business and what kind of expectations you keep from your business. If you want to get good traffic then you can go for SEO but if you are looking for immediate results and leads then you can prefer PPC. 

So here in this article, we show you the advantages and disadvantages of both SEO and PPC which will help you to take its services and boost your website views. The decision is yours, take a smart call!

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