Seo Techniques FOr Ecommerce Websites – Best Guide

Ecommerce SEO refers to optimizing your website to rank your business or eCommerce website on SERPs. It is the best way to promote your online business. If you want to sell your products online, you need to make sure that people should find you on search results quickly. If people can’t find you when they search online, there is no point in having a well-designed website. That is why SEO is essential for your websites, as it helps rank your website higher in search results, allowing you to get more traffic to your website.

Below we have given the best SEO techniques to optimize your eCommerce websites:

Seo Tips For Ecommerce Websites

1. Use an effective Keyword- 

 It is necessary to find an effective and right keyword to rank your website. It would be best if you used the keywords that people search online. To find the right keyword, you have to think from the customer’s point of view and their intent that what they can search on search engines. You can use various tools for searching a keyword, for example – Google keyword planner, keyword research, uber suggest, etc. We should use those keywords whose search volume is high. You can have as many keywords as possible, but don’t use several keywords for a specific page.

2. Avoid duplicate content- 

Duplicate content is considered a significant issue when it comes to eCommerce websites. It is a text that appears in multiple places. If you are a manufacturer and you sell products, it is essential to avoid duplicate content. This issue arises because E-commerce websites deal with a lot of product descriptions. Search engines don’t like the same content as it confuses them about which is accurate. So you can avoid duplicate content by-

  • Don’t copy the descriptions
  • Writing unique descriptions for each product
  • Double-check your URL structure
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3. Use HTTPS-

HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure, which helps you secure data. It is a protocol used to transfer data between a user’s browsers and the store server. HTTPS helps us make sure that the personal information of customers collected is safe and secure. It is also considered an essential factor for eCommerce websites as it helps your website rank higher. 

4. Use alt text in images-

When a search engine crawls a website, Alt text in images is used because they can’t see your pictures. So through alt text, they can know what’s in each picture and your vision. Alt-text is a caption used for every image on your site and includes your target keyword and should be as descriptive as possible. So it is essential to use a target keyword. You can learn more about this technique from an SEO training institute

5. Speed up your site-

Your site must load quickly for a great user experience, as search engines consider speed an essential factor in ranking your website. You should optimize your images and use compressed files. You can set up caching as it saves a copy of your website on users’ browsers, so it loads faster next time they visit your website. Don’t use more plugins, only use those which are necessary. It would help if you considered CDN (content delivery network) as it stores your heavy files off-site to load faster.

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6. Make your URL structure easy for search engines to crawl-

Keep your URLs short and descriptive. Good URLs provide a good user experience and tell what the page is.

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7. Create backlinks to your products- 

It is essential to create high-quality backlinks to rank your website. The more quantity and quality of backlinks you make, the more likely you will rank.

8. Create unique content-

To make your website high in ranking, you should create unique and original content. If your content is copied, it will be challenging to rank your eCommerce website. 

9. Use strategic keywords in Anchor text-

Use keywords instead of phrases like “click here” in anchor text to rank specific pages. 


In the above article, the best SEO techniques for eCommerce websites have been mentioned. So you can use these techniques to make your website rank high. You can learn more SEO techniques from a  Digital marketing course. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section. 

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