Steps To Take If Your Are In A Hit And Run Car Accident Case

Several car accidents stake a place in a year. However, in some car accidents, situations worsen, especially for the injured person. A prime example of that is hit and run car accident. A hit-and-run car accident case not only impacts the at-fault party, but the injured person also has to go through the trouble of tracing them. As for the at-fault party, once you and your car are traced, there can be severe repercussions for your irresponsibility and insensitivity. 

A penalty in hit and run case can go anywhere from 1 year to life imprisonment. The latter happens when the injured person suffers from severe injuries, life-threatening situations, or even death. 

If you have been injured in a hit-and-run car accident, you must contact a car accident attorney in Seattle as soon as possible. The more you delay your claim, the more complicated it can get to derive compensation from the insurance and the at-fault driver. 

Nevertheless, here are some essentials steps to take immediately after your hit-and-run car accident. 

Collect all the possible information you can 

Gathering every piece of evidence against the runaway driver is highly essential to track them down in an accident case. So try to collect every little bit you can like;

Photos and videos 

First, you must document all your injuries and property damages after the car accident involving the accident scene as well. Although the official police report has all the information about the accident scene, it is better to have it documented for yourself. 

Recall all the information about the driver.

Try remembering as much as possible about the at-fault driver while he was falling away from the accident scene. For example, what was the color of his car? How did he look? Which direction did he run off to? 

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Moreover, try recalling his vehicle number plate if you saw it. If you remember the number plate correctly, the police will track him down quite quickly. 

Collect testimonials 

Talk to the people at the accident and ask them whether they witnessed it ultimately and which way the driver went. You can even ask them if they remember seeing the driver or if any information related to his car. 

Look out for CCTV surveillance. 

This would be essential; if your accident was recorded on any surveillance around the scene, ensure you get the tape and present it as evidence at the time of settlement. 

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