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Teaching Methods

For ages, we have been seeing and being a part of conventional teaching methods such as blackboard, pen, and paper assignments, teachers reciting the lessons from the textbooks, and students simply listening. These methods limit the growth of teachers and learners. However, with the development of science and technology, our education system has evolved a lot.

 With better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and up-to-date knowledge offered, online teaching is the new preference of all. Educators design and look for the best platform to sell online courses for enhancement in their teaching field. Let us discuss effective online teaching methods that can be used to provide students with a quality virtual learning experience and success. 

Online teaching methods and pedagogy 

  1. Live classes

One of the most effective online teaching methods is conducting live classes. Students understand the best when they hear the teacher’s explanations and interact with them one-on-one. By setting from the convenient respective places, teachers and students can connect virtually with the help of an internet connection and suitable networking devices. Teachers can keep their cameras and mic on to provide students with a proper academic understanding. Some of the tools that can be used in live classes are 

  • Online whiteboard:

  • an online whiteboard helps to teach effectively. Teachers can share information, write, and draw, to explain the topics well.  Here teachers can re-share the content too. 
  • Audio visual tools:

  • to make students more engaged and interested in learning, teachers can use audio-visual tools to teach. For example audio, videos, demonstrations, infographics, picture cards, etc. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quickly. 
  1. Video presentations

A video presentation is a collection of slides that include pictures, audio, texts, and narration of a particular topic or lesson. Teachers can make video presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. With the help of this multimedia tool, teachers can enrich the quality of live sessions. This helps teachers to explain well and provide students with a proper academic understanding. These PPTs can be sent to students at their respective email addresses for self-studies, and exam preparation. 

  1. Educational website

With the growth in technology and modifications made every day, course websites can now be used for online teaching. On the course-selling website, you can upload study material and audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. 

Other than these practice exercises, sample paper PDFs and question banks can also be uploaded. By providing students with easy access to the website, you can ace their self-studies and course performance. Also by developing your course website, you can carry out effective promotion, marketing, and sales respectively. The website can also be used to take students’ feedback, know their doubts, and revert timely. 

  1. Flipped classroom

The flipped classroom teaching method is the opposite of conventional teaching practices. Here, students read, review, and prepare for the lessons on their own before the teacher teaches them in the class. During the in-class time, teachers can check students’ understanding and self-study status.  Also, online teaching offers an effective self-paced learning experience to students therefore flipped classroom method works quite well here. Some of the effective ways for flipped classrooms are 

  • Online quizzes
  • Polls 
  • Mind maps 
  • Puzzles and riddles
  • Oral assessment
  1. Pre-recorded videos

Online teaching is divided into different modes. Along with the synchronous form, there is an asynchronous mode too where there is no instructor present, and students study and complete an online course with the given recorded videos, modules, and other study material. Pre-recorded lectures are quite effective methods of online teaching.

 Here teachers record the explanations on academic subjects and can reuse, modify, or edit them whenever needed. Also in synchronous forms too, recorded lectures can be given to students for a self-paced learning experience and revisions. These pre-recorded lectures can be accessed easily too at any time from anywhere. With the help of a network and networking device, students can watch these videos as many times as they want. 


With the growth and development of science and technology, online teaching platforms are growing rapidly. To teach online teachers need to use some modes and methods. By following the above-mentioned methods such as live classes, launching a course website, making video presentations, flipped classrooms, shooting-recorded lectures, and more, teachers can teach online effectively. 

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