The Common Risk Factors for Herniated Disk

Even though different parts of individuals collaborate to perform certain tasks, some perform more complex functions than others. One of the organs that conducts these functions is the spine. Like other organs, the spine will likely suffer from varying health conditions. Even though the spine can suffer from various conditions, one common condition is herniated discs. Since this condition is uncomfortable, there has been an increase in people seeking treatment for Roswell herniated disc. The following are the common risk factors for herniated discs.


In most instances, obesity has been a cause of varying health conditions. For instance, when the person is obese, the excess weight is likely to put extra stress on the individual’s disks located in the lower back. Furthermore, when the person has a condition at the back, obesity is likely to worsen it. This is why obese people have been complaining about herniated discs. Managing your weight will help to prevent this condition from worsening.


The individual’s occupation is also likely to play a huge role in affecting the risk of the individual having this condition. For instance, you are likely to have this condition if you work in an area that requires repetitive lifting, bending sideways, pushing, pulling, and twisting. The main reason this instance will put excessive pressure on the back. You should take some breaks when working since the process will help the back to rest and recover, reducing the risk of injury.


Many of our lives have often been attributed to our parents. For instance, most individuals’ skin color has been affected by the skin color of their parents. Similar to this instance, there is an instance where individuals inherit physical features or conditions from their parents. Some people inherit the precondition of a herniated disk from their parents. Furthermore, if your parents suffered from this condition, you are likely at a higher risk of suffering from a similar condition.

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Sedentary Lifestyle

There have been instances where some people believe that exercising will expose them to varying health risks since it involves repetitive movements. This instance has made some individuals live inactive lifestyles. This instance has made the individuals have a weak back and an increased risk of a herniated disk. One way to reduce the risk of a herniated disk is through regular exercises. Therefore, you should visit the specialist to advise you on the best exercise for your body.


As we age, our body undergoes a series of transformations. One of the transformations is that our body starts to weaken. This instance makes the body fail to hold the excess pressure it previously held. In most instances, the risk of age-related herniated discs highly affects the age group between 30 and 50. Even though both genders are affected, it affects men more than their female counterparts due to their body structure.

Over the years, there has been an increase in herniated disc cases. One of the reasons that have caused this increase is failure to detect the risk factors at an early stage. Furthermore, upon diagnosis with the condition, most people delay seeking treatment, thus complicating the issue. To avoid being a victim, you should understand the risk factors and understand the measures to control them. Furthermore, you should seek diagnosis frequently. This process will help the condition to be treated before it worsens.

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