The increasing demand for trained teachers in online education

The teaching profession is considered to be a noble profession that helps in the creation of future leaders and professionals who would help in the development of the economy. It is through teachers that a student’s available to have a better understanding of the different kinds of knowledge. They are also responsible for supporting the students and guiding them towards their career objectives. In the last few years with the Rapid advancement observed in the educational medium in the form of demand for online education increasing, it has now become imperative that teachers undertake training to adapt themselves to the changing educational scenario.


Need for trained Teachers

It is important to highlight that the concept of traditional teaching is quite different from online teaching. In the case of traditional teaching the teachers are only required to keep in mind the management of the students emotions along with providing them with knowledge in a classroom. In such cases the teachers have direct contact with the students and are able to understand the expressions and behavior of the students by being closely connected to them over a certain period of time in a single day.

Considering the case of online education, which is mostly conducted through online course selling website today, the medium of instruction is very different from traditional teaching. in such a situation that teachers are not able to have direct contact with students but rather are required to instruct the students from the other side of the computer screen. In this form of teaching, it is important that the teachers help in the development of an interactive increasing demand learning environment by making use of modern technology to have a better understanding of the progress being made by the students in the classroom.

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In these cases the only common factor is that the teachers are required to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the students by having a better understanding of the performance as well as communicating with them to understand whether they have any doubts. increasing demand  On the other hand, the only difference that is present in this case is that through online education the teachers are able to use a visual medium that helps in creating an interactive and engaging learning environment thereby providing better understanding of the concepts to the students. 


The type of training required by teachers

In the current sector of online education There are several kinds of platforms present each selling a specific course to support both the students and teachers. For example, there are platforms to create and sell online courses, as well as platforms to work towards the development of digital Technologies, and also teaching interested individuals about the art of industrial Technologies. Since there are several kinds of courses available it is important for teachers in the education sector to have a better understanding of what kind of courses will provide them with the maximum support and ensure that they have a better understanding of the online education process.

Considering the current situation the Teacher’s first requires to train in the medium of instruction or teaching method online. There are several online courses that are available on the internet that can help in increasing the knowledge of the teachers in various kinds of online teaching techniques that are popular across the world. The teachers are also required to have a better understanding of the different kinds of technology that is available and how they can be implemented in the education process to support the students. The teachers are also required to understand how to conduct examinations online and ensure that the students are using a method to give the examinations.

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When the teachers are able to undertake training in all these aspects it will provide them with the ability to bring about positive changes to the learning environment in online classrooms. For example, it has been often found that in the case of traditional classrooms the teachers are unable to provide visual representation to the students thereby making it difficult for them to imagine it. However, in online education the teachers can use screen share options and show videos to the students thereby helping in their imagination.


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