The Sarcastic Bing Bong Song From Inside Out Explained

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When we first meet Bing Bong the lovable and irrepressible imaginary friend of Riley’s from the movie Inside Out, he sings a catchy tune about his desire to avoid being forgotten by the girl he loves, even after she grows up and leaves their hometown of Minnesota behind. The song might have had us in tears, but did you ever stop to wonder why Bing Bong was so concerned about growing old? Here’s an explanation of the song’s lyrics based on what happens in the film.

What is the Sarcastic Bing Bong Song?

The song is a parody of the song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life from Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. It features various characters, including Bing Bong, who is voiced by Richard Kind, and Joy and Sadness, who are voiced by Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith respectively. The song starts with Joy singing about a time she was sad but pulled herself up to be happy again. She then tells the viewers they can do it too while others join her in singing. As the song progresses, more and more people sing you have your ups and you have your downs as they tell their stories. Eventually, when Bing Bong sings his line I think I’ll go eat my emotions, he means literally because he has no emotions left at all.

Why does Bing Bong get so upset?

Bing Bong is a character in the Pixar movie, Inside Out. He’s Joy and Sadness’ imaginary friend. As an imaginary friend, he spends most of his time with children and is usually very happy. However, during one of the saddest moments in the movie, he gets so upset that he breaks into a song to express his feelings. The song is called The Sarcastic Song, which should give you a hint at how it sounds. It starts off with him saying, No more people will come to visit me here. He goes on to say that all the children will forget about him and go back home without playing any more games. His song then turns into a sarcastic rant about how other friends get to do things like have fun and make new friends while he has nothing to do but wait for them.

Can we actually find out what the Song is about?

Although the title of the song is Sarcastic Bing Bong, there is no mention of sarcasm in the lyrics.
We can only guess what’s going on in Bing Bong’s head, but if you compare the song to the events that occur in the movie, it makes sense that he is criticizing people for not understanding Joy and Sadness.
For example, when he sings I’m so good I’m from another planet, this might be a sarcastic comment about how well-liked Joy is by everyone in Riley’s life.
He also says I’m such a happy-go-lucky guy while other characters are struggling with sadness–this suggests that he doesn’t understand why they can’t be happy like him. There are also parts of the song that reference his dark history as well as parts where he sounds like he is bragging or trying to convince himself.
I am from another place – maybe this means his mind? Perhaps others see him as strange because he has always been away and doesn’t know how humans work. When we see him, he seems very childlike and naive perhaps this is because his consciousness was never put into a human body. The phrase you don’t have time could mean either that humans live too fast or else Bing Bong knows more than they do.

What are some of the most popular theories?

No one knows for sure what the song is about, but there are a few popular theories. One theory suggests that Bing Bong is just trying. To make Riley feel better by saying that she’ll never. Forget her time with him when really he’s sad and lonely. Another theory says that because they’re imaginary friends. They don’t age and are always stuck at the same age as their creator.

This could mean that Bing Bong wants Riley to realize how old she’s getting because. He will never grow up too. He’s also saying bye-bye in a sarcastic. Way because he knows that they’ll never see each other again after the movie ends. Another interpretation is that Bing Bong is giving Riley some good advice by telling her to be herself. And not pretend like she was before. But it doesn’t have to be interpreted in any of these. Ways because it can be whatever you want it to be.

What are some of the alternate theories to what they could be about?

-Bing Bong is the name of Riley’s imaginary friend that she created in her childhood. He is a clown and is used to represent her carefree personality in the early part of the movie. As time progresses, Bing Bong becomes more childish and no longer fits with Riley’s personality.

Bing bong was created from a game of make-believe. When Riley was younger and became an imaginary friend she could always count. On to cheer her up when she needed it most.
-Inside Out Bing Bong is representative of an older person who has passed away. And as memories are made, they live on inside us through our friends and family.


Bing Bong is a character from the movie Inside Out. His main purpose in the film is to teach Riley how to be happy again. And his most memorable moment was when he broke into a song in front of all of Riley’s friends. The song, I’m Sad, has two parts: a sad part, and a sarcastic part. Bing Bong becomes even sadder before he starts mocking himself for being.
This is one of the many ways that this little guy teaches us. About sadness and how we can move on from it.

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