The virtual cricket betting in Parimatch – recommendations for QUANTUM IPL Legends betting

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Virtual cricket betting is really popular now, so many tournaments in this category are already available via the Parimatch website. One of the widest betting lines and the highest odds can be found for the Indian Premier League matches that are also available for all sportsbook clients. To get access to the virtual cricket betting options you will need to finish simple registration via, and deposit. All the bonuses and bets will be available right after the first authorization via the official website or an app. The virtual version of cricket has the same rules as the real game. But there are still some important things to learn. Some of them you will read on this page below, and others will be found during the whole betting process. 

TOP bets on the QUANTUM IPL Legends 2022 matches – main and additional outcomes in Parimatch 

It should be noted that all the results in virtual cricket are generated by the RGN, so the actual shape or the motivation of the players is not as important as in a real game. That’s why the bettor doesn’t need to analyze those factors and spend his time. But still for winning betting it’s important to analyze the results of the teams in the last matches and try to find some coincidences there. When the forecast is finished you can learn the available betting line to choose the best markets to bet on:

  • match outcome;
  • totals;
  • team total runs;
  • runs off first delivery!

There are a few main types of total bets that will be available on the betting line. So all the Parimatch clients could bet on total match 6s, wickets lost, the match runs, match boundaries, etc. The total match boundaries mean that the bet will be made on the situation when the total game 4s will be over or under the value set by the sportsbook. To learn more about all other outcomes it’s better to visit the official Parimatch website to open the virtual cricket tournaments page. 

Learn how to bet on virtual cricket matches – simple tips to make you more confident in betting 

So you already know that the typical virtual cricket match lasts 3-4 minutes. But that’s not all the important features of this cricket game category. Remember that the number of matches in this sport is much more than in classic cricket. Each day the QUANTUM IPL Legends 2022 and other major tournament matches are available on the sportsbook betting line. That’s why every bettor can choose how many bets he wants to make this day and don’t wait a few months until the next matches will be available/ 

It should be noted that in virtual cricket there are no situations with injured players. So you don’t need to know that information for the winning betting. But the disqualification of players is a really common situation here so some bettors prefer to bet on virtual cricket matches in a LIVE format. And it can be interesting for bettors with any experience in cricket betting. 

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