Top 6 Signs It’s Time To See A Cosmetic Dentist

Maintaining a healthy smile is one of the most challenging tasks, especially if you don’t incorporate a proper hygienic regimen. Typically, your oral health is at risk for various conditions that can cause severe smile imperfections. Although modern dentistry provides multiple options to restore the aesthetic taste of your smile, the most preferred and with quick and appealing results is cosmetic dentistry. If you aren’t happy about your smile and often hide it in public, cosmetic & implant dentist Tomball can improve your situation.

But when should you seek cosmetic dentistry? If this concerns you, here are the top signs indicating you can benefit from visiting professional cosmetic dentistry.

1.     You have missing teeth

Besides disturbing teeth alignment, missing teeth threaten other severe dental issues like gingivitis or a sunken face. Furthermore, although various options exist to restore one or multiple missing teeth, implants are preferable. This is usually because dental implants are designed to offer full arch support since their roots blend with your jawbone, thus providing a formidable structure. Also, implants will deliver natural-looking results that will serve your needs for decades.

2.     Presence of misaligned teeth

Your top and bottom teeth should align so they don’t cause severe oral health issues. However, crossbites, overbites, or underbites are common and cause teeth grinding, especially at night. Your cosmetic dentist can be beneficial in correcting bite issues with procedures like retainers, braces, and Invisalign.

3.     You have stained or discolored teeth

When your teeth are stained or discolored, it becomes awkward to smile in public, and you may find yourself trying to hide your smile in most cases. Certain foods, drinks, and smoking habits can cause your teeth to lose their natural appearance. Fortunately, a cosmetic dentist will provide you with vast solutions to help you reclaim your healthy smile. Treatment options like veneers and teeth whitening can help you regain confidence in your smile.


4.     Your teeth are loose, cracked, or broken

Having cracked, loose or broken teeth paves the way for other oral health issues like infections, decay, or periodontal disease. Injuries, trauma, falls, or biting complex objects are among the cases that result in loose, cracked, or broken teeth. While other dental treatment options can salvage broken or cracked teeth, an unstable structure that seems to cause further damage requires complex cosmetic options like dental implants.

5.     A decayed or infected tooth

In most cases, tooth infections or decay are beyond saving and usually require a cosmetic dentist’s expertise. Such cases can occur due to improper hygienic practices or cracked or loose teeth. However, your dentist can recommend tooth extraction and replacement with dental implants.

6.     You feel insecure about your smile

Generally, if your smile mortifies you, cosmetic dentistry can help you feel more confident about your smile. The smile makeover will enhance your smile by using all the necessary cosmetic options to help you achieve a better and healthy smile.

Don’t let your smile’s appearance dictate your quality of life, yet you have options that have proven results. Furthermore, living with smile imperfections can be frustrating and overwhelming, but investing in cosmetic dentistry and enjoying the outcomes is worth it. If you have any oral health issue that makes you self-conscious, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist.

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