Video SEO: 5 Ways to Optimize Video for Search

Video search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the last few years. And if you want your video to rank first, you need to keep pace with the latest Video SEO trends. In this article, we will explore how to improve your video visibility on YouTube and other social media. Read on, and learn the best practices of video content optimization.

What Is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the process of adjusting technical and creative aspects of your video to make it rank higher in search results and attract a larger audience. First of all, you should generate high-quality content that will make people stay on your page and interact with the video. But visibility optimization practices are also of great importance. 

Over the past few years, video SEO changed, and we have new search algorithms based on keywords. You should optimize your video content for search engines to make your brand or company popular, connect with your audience, increase RIO, improve customer engagement, get leads, and more. So let’s find these effective video SEO practices. 

5 Video Optimization Options

Video SEO differs a bit from regular search engine optimization. Here we will share with you five effective solutions to help you rank well in search engine results. 

#1 Choose a Video Hosting Platform

The first tip is select the right video hosting platform, like Youtube, Vimeo, or social media. You should identify the goal of video optimization, such as gaining new leads, site traffic, or increasing brand awareness. Social media platforms are great for boosting brand awareness as indexed videos get traffic that goes to them but not your site. But the problem is that there may be a lot of content from competitors, and your video may get lost. 

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Other platforms like JSON-LD and Wistia gain on-site traffic to boost conversion. However, keep in mind that such alternative hosting platforms may use Schema markup, requiring you to create a video sitemap. It’s rather challenging, so think carefully before choosing a platform to host your video. 

#2 Include a Video Transcript

Having a text version of your video improves its SEO. YouTube and Google cannot crawl all your video words. So you can find a way out and add subtitles to video, transcription or turn your video into a blog post. The text has a more impact on the ranking and makes your video more accessible. For example, people often watch Facebook videos with captions to better understand the content and not disturb their roommates. Besides, there’s the hearing-impaired audience, and you should meet their needs by providing a video transcript and subtitles. Consider also that some people simply prefer reading to watching a video. 

#3 Use Relevant Keywords

The title and meta description of your video will be shown in the search engine results, so pay attention to the keyword you choose. Make sure they rank currently for your video theme. In order to ensure you use relevant keywords, speak them in videos. YouTube has an auto transcription, and if a keyword used in a title and description is not a part of your video, it will rank you lower. Do your research and find what words people use to search for videos on a specific topic. But do not overwhelm your description and title with keywords. You should make an engaging and clickable title and description for search engine visibility. 

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#4 Optimize Your Page

You should make sure the rest of your page is relevant to the video. So make it easy to find and design the entire page around your video. Add text and images that would complement your video topic. It will signal search engines that you send the audience clear messages. It’s recommended to make the video the focus of your page. Do not make your viewers scroll a lot to find a video somewhere at the bottom of a page. This results in a low video play since people leave the page if they don’t find your video at once. 

#5 Introduce a Strong CTA

Want to optimize a video? Create a powerful call to action. Your viewers should clearly understand what next step to take. Including a strong CTA encourages the audience to interact with your video and explore your other content. That’s a great way to attract more viewers and make your channel or site more popular. Creative CTA examples include free trials, consultations, demos, webinars, and your other videos. You can also insert surveys, conduct polls, or enter the audience into a contest. 

Final Thoughts 

You can improve your video SEO in many ways, and these are only the most popular options. Use analytics tools to measure your performance and refine your optimization strategy. We wish you good luck and hope now your content will be highly visible and attract more viewers.

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