What exactly is CNN 10?

CNN 10

What is CNN 10?

CNN 10 is a daily news broadcast aimed at viewers older than 13 who want an overview of the day’s top stories and a global perspective in 10 minutes or less. Our goal is to provide clear, concise summaries of global news stories covered by CNN’s bureaus throughout the world. We give a fair and balanced account of events, with no bias or interpretation added. And we joke about a bit while we’re at it.

Are there benefits to learning?

Knowledge of how to critically consume the media is more vital than ever in light of the recent controversies that have dogged the news. Keeping up-to-date with responsible information about current events in the globe and developing critical thinking skills about what they read and see are all important for students to do. The daily newscast on CNN 10 is a great place to hone all of these abilities. Each day’s videos cover a lot of ground and shed light on lesser-known topics.

Videos go into topics fairly in-depth and offer a commentary-free broadcast, allowing students to learn about current events and human-interest stories without being exposed to the hyperbole, bias, and spin of 24-hour cable TV and social media news. Accessibility features like captions and a transcript are also included with each story to ensure that everyone can enjoy them. Some students’ attention spans may be tested by the 10-minute length, but on balance, the content is more substantial than in-depth headline summaries.

There is an excellent, contemporary foundation for students to explore, but educators will need to provide supplements to encourage students to do more than just absorb information and go on to critical analysis, in-depth discussion, and original production.


On which platform we can find CNN 10?

Here on CNN 10, you may watch the program without having to join or subscribe. You can also watch it on CNN 10’s official YouTube channel.

It is suggested that educators see previews of each episode before showing it in class.


Where can I find out what will be on the daily show in advance?

If you are a teacher or parent interested in learning more about the stories CNN 10 will be covering each day, sign up for our CNN 10 newsletter. The daily transcript is another resource for learning about the show’s content.


If you have this resource, how do you plan on using it in the classroom?

CNN 10, with its trustworthy news in 10-minute video chunks, enables educators to keep pupils updated on current events without overwhelming them with excessive information or commentary. There are many places you can go from CNN’s starting point of 10. Set up small-group discussions on how a particular news event affects students by, say, posting a discussion question of the day. Challenge your students to pick a tale they find intriguing and investigate it further.

Have students watch assigned videos outside of class and then guide them through relevant projects in class. Encourage students to work together and think outside the box by having them produce their own news shows based on course objectives. As a last step in fostering media literacy, have students evaluate CNN’s reporting against that of other outlets.

CNN 10 provides teachers with a daily email “heads-up”. The night before airing and also provides transcripts of broadcasts and weekly quiz questions for classroom use. He made YouTube its primary venue for distributing new episodes and archival content as of December 2019. CNN 10 also suggests that students subscribe and join the conversation by leaving comments. Instead of having students use their own devices to watch the news. You might project it on the classroom screen, eliminating the possibility of children seeing objectionable content or remarks. CNN 10 recommends that, as with any video content. Teachers see a preview of each episode before showing it to pupils.


Where can I go to voice my opinion about CNN 10?

Send any of your comments, questions, and other feedback to You may also contact our anchor, Carl Azuz, through his many social media accounts.


When may I expect a shoutout for my school?

At the conclusion of each and every episode of CNN 10, Carl Azuz offers a shout-out to a different school. In the comments section of our YouTube channel, parents and teachers alike can post requests for their own schools. Because of restrictions imposed by the law. CNN 10 is unable to take shout-out requests from anyone less than 13 years old.

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